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Legal regimes of Arctic and Antarctica
Toropov E.F. - The Arctic in the context of optimization of development of the Russian Federation pp. 68-74


Abstract: This article discusses the exploration of the Arctic in the context of optimization of socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation. These issues are particularly relevant due to the fact that the Arctic increasingly becomes a sphere of interaction and cooperation of different states, as well as the point of exerting of their authority, political-military, and economic power. In the author’s opinion, the Russian Arctic is a region of certain geostrategic interests of the state and long-term economic interests of society, primarily from the perspective of development and rational use of natural resources along with maintenance of the global ecological balance. The formation of a coherent system of incentives for the development of the Arctic zone, requires the formulation and adoption a special law, which is able to set the principles of state policy and mechanisms of its implementation in the Arctic. Its defense is a question of national prestige, honor and dignity of the great power, which Russia still is.
Goncharov V.V., Kovaleva L.I. - The Arctic as a zone of clash of geopolitical interests of Russia and Western countries (modern problems and the ways to solve them) pp. 146-151


Abstract: The paper studies the Arctic as a zone of clash of geopolitical interests of Russia and Western countries. The authors analyze the main problems of the Arctic development by the Russian Federation and other states. These problems have become topical at the turn of the 21st century, particularly, in the result of the crisis of the global capitalist system, the depletion of hydrocarbon deposits and the shortage of freshwater. The authors offer the ways to solve these problems using the complex measures, programs and decisions of political, legal and economic character. The authors apply the set of scientific research methods, including statistical, formal-logical and historical methods, analysis and prognostication. The authors believe that the comprehensive and timely solution of these problems will help conduct proper and optimal development of raw materials resources of the Arctic waters by the Russian Federation, thus promoting the development of, on the one hand, its economic and financial spheres, and on the other hand, its defense and energy independence. 
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