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Publications of Dolganov Dmitry Nikolaevich
Psychologist, 2017-2
Dolganov D.N. - Metaregulative Function of Motivation for Educational Activity pp. 19-29


Abstract: The article continues the presentation of the general foundations of the concept of metaregulation of educational activity. The author considers in detail the motivation of educational activities. Motivation is a complex and multifaceted process. The dynamics of motivation depends on external and internal factors. The study of the motivation of educational activity is possible in two main directions: the first - the study of the system of motivation, its structure and functions; the second is the study of the interrelationships and interactions of the system of motivation with other systems. The second direction developing at the present time is conditioned by the methodology of the concept of the metasystem organization of mental processes and the concept of the metaindividual world. Empirical data were collected during the implementation of the formative experiment, implemented at one stage of the study of metaregulation of educational activities. 138 people took part in the study. The following methods were used: the evaluation of the dialogic character of interpersonal relations (S.V. Dukhnovsky), the semantic differential "interpersonal relations". To assess the motivational manifestations, a psychographic test was used by V.G. Leontiev. In the experimental group, the training of interpersonal relations was used as a method of influencing the metasystem. In the course of the analysis of the results, the interrelations between the elements of the learning activity system, elements of the interpersonal relations system, interests in various activities and academic achievement are established. The subjects of the experimental group are forming links that regulate the intensity of the relationship and maintain an optimal level of motivation. In the control groups, a complex of links is identified, which can be called nonadaptive, and also the predominance of interests in non-educational activities is fixed, which can be called the antimotivation of educational activity.
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