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The Conception of Memory in Psychoanalysis' Theory: Deconstruction of Individual vs Collective

Starikashkina Dar'ya

lecturer of the Department for Working with Immigrants from Post-Soviet Countries at International School for Holocaust Studies

9103401, Israel, Jerusalem, str. Kharkhertsel', P.O.B. 3477, International School for Holocaust Studies 'Yad Vashem'




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Abstract: This paper deals with a process of formation of individual and collective memory and some principles of its functioning, using a psychoanalysis paradigm. The thesis of this paper is that despite the absence of the term “collective memory” in Freud's theory, his concept of “culture” should be considered as its equivalent. This theoretical move allows us to analyze 'Art' as a concept that “lies on a seam” between individual and collective and provides a suggestion for the possibility of memory conservation. It additionally broadens an understanding of the possible ways of “working trough a trauma” in post-traumatic society that still reflects on different cultural trauma(s) of the twentieth century. The methodology of research is connected with an integrated approach to studying of a question of preservation of memory within the psychoanalytic theory, a basis for which the corpus of S. Freud, the exerted huge impact on thinkers of a psychoanalytic, esthetic and philosophical discourse has formed. In this article the question of approach to the theory of memory in her psychoanalytic understanding clears up that allows to rethink borders between individual and collective, and the drawn conclusions allow to reveal the memory work nature, and also possibilities of preservation of the memory which isn't subjected to copying and distortion in the aesthetic field of art.

Keywords: aesthetics, ethics, art, fearsome, psychoanalysis, culture, collective memory, memory, trauma, post-traumatic society
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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