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Religion in the Phychoanalytical Mirror

Klimkov Oleg

PhD in Philosophy

Doctoral Candidate, the department of Russian Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University

199034, Russia, Saint Petersburg. Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya Street 7-9

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Abstract: The object of this research is the process of studying religion by depth psychology in the 20th century. The author describes the main stages, methodology and scientific achievements thereby. The subject of the analysis is the leading psychoanalytical concepts that created the framework for the studies of religious phenomena. The research is based on the principle of historical chronology  combined with the phenomenologically analytical method and interdisciplinary approach which made it possible to review the conceptual dynamics of religious studies in the researches of famous representatives of dynamic psychology: Freud, Jung and Fromm. Their contribution to religious studies, in particular, psychological aspects of religion, has become one of the most important achievements of modern humanities and culture in general. Moreover, religion itself has acquired better methods for understanding psychological mechanisms and better distinction between the Divine and human in a life of a religious person. Psychoanalysts' interest to the phenomenon of religion has been accompanied with the origin and further reinforcement of traditional confessions representatives' interest in psychoanalysis. 

Keywords: person, ritual, christian anthropology, religious experience, analitical psychology, psychology of religion, religion, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, theology
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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