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Menopause as a stage of female development: psychoanalytic perspective

Mordas Ekaterina Sergeevna

PhD in Psychology

Associate Professor at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

121170, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Kutuzovskii Prospekt, d.34, str.14

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Kuz'micheva Anna Gennad'evna

Master's Degree. the department of Fundamentals of Clinical Psychoanalysis, Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

121170, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Kutuzovskii Prospekt, 34, of. 14




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Abstract: The object of this research is the psychoanalytic concepts of female development. The subject of this research is the phenomenon of the climacteric period in female development. The article analyzes and summarizes the psychoanalytic ideas on the development of women during menopause. 1. Climacteric period – the crisis period (G. Bibring); 2. Menopause as a trauma, narcissistic insult, backward development of libido, regression (H. Deutsch) 3. Menopause as a narcissistic rage (R. Lax); 4. Same as in puberty period, body is the focus of attention during menopause; climacteric period as part of femininity and emotions (D. Pines); 5. Menopause as a punishment (M. Klein). The author also include the examples from personal research practice. The novelty of this work consists in the summary of psychoanalytic ideas on the female development during climacteric period; as well as in elucidation of the phenomenon of menopausal complex. The menopausal complex implies: 1. Menopause as a traumatic event, accompanied by the emotions of narcissistic rage; aggression as a protection mechanism, resemblance of the aging process and its irreversibility; 2. Regression and re-actualization of castration emotions and narcissistic wounds, experience of inferiority and inability to control your body; 3. Experiencing the loss and mourning over the reproductive abilities and femininity; 4. Reaching menopause is likely in same age as mother; 5. Menopausal complex is accompanied by the fear of aging (or future), fear of being left and loneliness.

Keywords: castration experiences, loss, trauma, regression, crisis, psychosexual development, menopause, menarche, femininity, identification
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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