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Problems with career self-determination of modern high school students

Medvedeva Tat'yana Nikolaevna

PhD in Psychology

Associate professor of the Department of Psychology and Correction Pedagogy at Solikamsk State Pedagogical Institute

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This article considers the characteristics of career self-determination by modern high school with various academic interests. It shows that preferences for people-centred occupations are common in high school students with a focus on psychology, medicine and mathematics; preferences for technology-centred professions are common in students with a focus on medicine, biology and chemistry; professions dealing with letters and numbers are of interest to students with a focus on mathematics, psychology, and chemistry; and creative professions are preferred by students with a focus on mathematics, chemistry and literature. It was noted that when choosing a profession, today's high school students tend to consider its potential for socializing and freedom, and their desire to make a career from it in the future. It is also shown that 100% of surveyed high school students want to undertake higher education, but their knowledge of particular jobs is insufficient and thus many of them have difficulty in choosing a career path.

Keywords: psychology, self-determination, career self-determination, profession, personality, high school students, academic interests, choice of profession, types of profession, education
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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