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Pregnancy and Discovery of Femininity

Mordas Ekaterina Sergeevna

PhD in Psychology

Associate Professor at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

121170, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Kutuzovskii Prospekt, d.34, str.14

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Abstract: The problem of discovery of femininity can be viewed in terms of pregnancy as a special condition of a woman. A desire to have a child is an important part of the development of femininity. Pregnancy is the culmination of that desire which usually arises in her childhood. The article presents the ideas of a famous psychoanalyst Deutsch on reproductive development of a woman and describes feelings and emotions a woman goes through during pregnancy based on D. Kestenberg, T. Benedek, M. Bonaparte and other authors. Pregnancy can be seen as a particular stage of female development (that is accompanied with regressive and progressive tendencies) and achievement of a certain social status, new object-relationships and other level of gender identity. Pregancy can be viewed as the proof of femininity and proper functioning of a female body. Each stage of pregnancy actualizes new emotions, fear and anxiety. Woman's condition during pregnancy may discover a path for discovering female identity and present an opportunity for a new access to unconscious conflicts, desires and fantasies. 

Keywords: pregnancy, femininity, conflict, libido, Narcissism, identification, labour, regress, desires
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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