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Psychological Analysis of a Sport Competition: How Alexander Povetkin Did not Win

Rozenova Marina Ivanovna

Doctor of Psychology

Professor, the department of Scientific Foundations of Extreme Psychology, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

127051, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Sretenka, 29

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Abstract: The article is devoted to psychology problems in modern sports. On the example of comparison of several sports duels possibilities of disclosure of a psychological resource of the identity of the athlete for a victory gain are shown. For psychological analysis in article the "hot" situation is used: the analysis of widely discussed boxing duel between Alexander Povetkin and Vladimir Klitschko. This duel staticized long ago ripened problems in the field of sports and sporting achievements of the Russian athletes. In article stagnancy of experts in the field of sports and their hope on purely sports, instead of on integrative and, first of all, special psychological, training of the athlete and his psychological maintenance is with regret stated during competition. The problem is that modern sports any more aren't especially sporting event, and is realized as the complex project containing business elements, show elements, elements of political interests, etc. In this situation where superrates (financial reign, media, political), supertension and superresponsibility of the athlete for result, underestimation of a psychological component of preparation and an exit of the athlete (in the most competitive situation) threatens with risk of loss of leading positions in many sports, especially where the athlete is personified as the specific personality, i.e. acts only on its own behalf. The main obstacle of application of psychological technologies in domestic sports is the rigidnost of installations and haughty negligence of experts in the field of sports (trainers, officials, promoters, etc.) to psychology as to science.

Keywords: psychology, sport, achievements, psychological, training, personality, sportsman, competition, contest, level
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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