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Berezina T.N. - About Interaction of Physical and Mental Abilities pp. 1-24
Abstract: The relation between indicators of physical development of the adult person and his cognitive abilities is studied. Strength, speed, flexibility and balance are studied as indicators of physical health . Parameters of creative thinking are measured as intellectual indicators, including: flexibility, originality, ingenuity and others. The correlation analysis is carried out. Existence of authentic relations between abilities to coordination of movements and some indicators of divergent thinking (its flexibility and efficiency), and also ingenuity is shown in the process of task solution by adults. 
Chernov D.N. - Subject-Activity Approach to Analyzing Parenting Style in Families Raising Junior Preshoolers pp. 1-33
Abstract: Parenting style in families raising junior preschoolers is viewed from the point of view of the subject-activity approah. The author offers a series of methods allowing to study peculiarities of formation of a parenting alliance by type of collective subject. The research of 116 pairs of mothers and preschoolers, the author finds out that this form of relations is characterized by the pre-subject level of development of a collective subject 'parent-and-child' combined with the tendency towards a parent's reflective attitude to their life together. Using the above mentioned approach, the author also suggests certain directions of psychological assistance and teaching the 'parent-and-child' system. 
Oleshkevich V.I. - Methodological Analysis of the Processes of Psychological Rehabilitation in an Addiction Clinic pp. 1-37


Abstract: The article is devoted to the problem of psychological rehabilitation as a cultural-historical issue affecting life of a modern human in many ways. For this purpose the author studies the term 'psychological rehabilitation' and the process of psychological rehabilitation in a modern medical organization, in particular, in an addiction clinic. The author studies different approaches to the rehabilitation process and analyzes associated psychotechnics as well as describes different levels of the rehabilitation process, their methods and rehabilitation potentials. The author underlines the special role of the existential level of the rehabilitation process and concludes that it is possible to apply these methods to planning rehabilitation programs in other spheres of medicine and social practice, too. 
Artemeva O.A. - Soviet Psychotechnics: Social Biography of the Research and Practice Movement pp. 1-23


Abstract: The history of domestic psychology of the 1920-1930th represents rare naukovedchesky material. At this time under the influence of unique social conditions growth and elimination of a number of scientific and practical currents – psychoanalysis, pedology, psychoequipment was observed. The appeal to history of development of each of these currents allows to open essential regularities of social determination of science. In the represented work on the basis of the analysis historical and scientific, including archival, materials the social biography of the Soviet psychoequipment is reconstructed. Tragic destinies of her leaders I.N. Shpilreyn and S.G. Gellerstein are represented. Stages of the social biography of a psychotechnical current as subject of scientific activity are allocated. The characteristic of social conditions of its formation and elimination in the Soviet Russia is given. As result of social determination of development of a current change of methodological installations of the Soviet psychotechnicians is traced. At reconstruction of "the social biography" of the Soviet psychoequipment the main publications and private papers of her scientific leaders, results of historical and psychological researches and official documents regulating activity of the Soviet psychotechnicians in 1920-1930 were analyzed. The carried-out work allowed to draw a conclusion on dependence of development of a scientific and practical current on such social conditions, as economic, ideological and political. The special attention is paid to ambivalent nature of influence of the Soviet scientific policy: on the one hand, repressions concerning experts scientists led to suppression of a research initiative and weakening of scientific and technical capacity of the country, with another – the Soviet scientific policy promoted merger of scientific community on the basis of the general methodological principles.
Novikova K.V., Zhevtun I.F. - The program of art therapy classes for the correction of child-parent relations pp. 1-29


Abstract: The presented article is devoted to the consideration of the possibilities of using art therapy methods in psychological work with families to correct child-parent relations. The object of the study is the child-parent relationship. The subject of the study is to identify the effects of the use of art therapy in the correction of child-parent relations. The article presents the results of an experimental study of the possibilities of correction of child-parent relations through the use of art-therapeutic techniques. The article contains a description of the program of art therapy classes, which was tested in working with a parent-child group. The description of the main art-therapeutic techniques when working with families, including the author's, is presented. The research methods were testing, questioning, psychological experiment, observation. The theoretical significance of the study lies in the systematization of theoretical provisions on the problem of research and substantiation of the possibilities of using art-therapeutic techniques in the psychological correction of child-parent relations. The practical significance of the study lies in the fact that the results obtained can be used by psychologists in working with families.The scientific novelty of the research consists in the development of a program of art therapy classes for the correction of child-parent relations. The results obtained in the study can have a significant impact on the expansion of ideas about the possibilities of psychological correction of child-parent relations through the use of art-therapeutic techniques. According to the results obtained, after the implementation of the set of measures, there is an improvement in child-parent relations: a decrease in the degree of rejection of the child; an improvement in emotional contact of the parent/child, a decrease in emotional distance; an increase in the authoritative strategy of family education; an increase in the indicators of parental attitude (acceptance), the degree of rejection of the child in the family has decreased; the manifestation of types of improper upbringing has decreased; there has been an optimization of parental installations.
Novikova K.V. - Art therapy techniques in psychological correction of child-parent relations in substitute families raising children with disabilities pp. 10-23


Abstract: The subject of this research is the child-parent relations in substitute families raising children with disabilities. The goal is to determine the areas of possible application of art therapy techniques in psychological correction of child-parent relations in substitute families raising children with disabilities. The theoretical-methodological framework contains subject-activity and systemic approaches, as well as provisions on the structure and functions of child-parent relations, views on child-parent relations of N. Y. Sinyagina; the concept of systemic art therapy by A. I. Kopytin. In the course of this study, the author applies the methods of testing, interview, psychological experiment, and observation. The theoretical importance of this work consists in systematization of theoretical provisions on the problem and substantiation of possibilities of application of art therapy techniques in psychological correction of child-parent relations in substitute families raising children with disabilities. The acquired results obtained can be valuable for psychologists dealing with foster families that raise children with disabilities, which defines the practical significance of this research. The scientific novelty lies in development of the program of art therapy classes for correction of child-parent relations in substitute families raising children with disabilities. The research results may significantly contribute to the extension of representations on capabilities of psychological correction of child-parent relations in substitute families raising children with disabilities via implementation of art therapy techniques. The author indicates the improvement in child-parent relations: alleviation of child’s the sense of deprivation; better emotional contact between parent and child; emotional closeness; increase of the authoritative strategy of family upbringing; higher level of parents’ acceptance; optimization of parenting
Rysev N. - Methods of the Business Game 'Strategy and Tactics of Negotiations' pp. 13-25


Abstract: This article describes in detail the author's business game "Strategy and tactics of negotiations." The first goal of the game is the understanding and practical application of the five negotiating strategies and ways to counter them: ignoring, domination, manipulation, compromise, cooperation. The second goal of the game is the development of the tactical methods of influence.
Elfimova M.M. - Developing Voluntary Meaning-Making in a Narrative Training pp. 71-78


Abstract: The subject of the research is the development of the voluntary meaning-making process that is understood as the mastering of a reflective action that is committed by an individual to put in order the objects of the real and ideal worlds. Mastering of a reflective action is the process of learning the action using certain psychological tools. In the course of a psychological training the narrative form of reflection is interiorised. As a result, an individual makes sense of his or her life events. The content of a narrative training is a narrative inquiry as a specific psychotherapeutic technique and means of developing voluntary meaning-making that allows an individual to define and make sense of certain episodes from one's own life, to structure fragmented experience and to take up his or her own attitude to life, thus assuring voluntariness towards their own meanings. To fulfil these tasks, the author has used a set of research methods including general-theoretical (theoretical analysis, comparative analysis, generalization), general-psychological (teaching experiment), and statistical (Mann–Whitney U test, Wilcoxon signed-rank test and interval scale). The research is based on the cultural historical concept that views the process of voluntary meaning-making as a social phenomenon with a mediated structure and voluntary performance. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author views narrative as a psychological tool for constructing the meaning-making aspect of personality. After testing the program of the narrative training in the control group according to certain parameters (biographical reflection, life modus, reflexivity, and general life sense indicator) the researcher has not discovered statistically significant differences while the experimental group indicators have demonstrated statistically significant differences, thus the program of the narrative training aimed at developing voluntary meaning-making proves to be efficient. 
Rudakova E.N. - Psychological Diagnosis of Prevailing Activity Motivation of Modern Teachers pp. 71-77


Abstract: The author analyzes the process of diagnosis of procedural personality motivation (paratelic as defined by M. Apter in 1987) and resulting activity motivation (telic). The analysis of prevailing motivation is of great importance considering that motivation structure is the leading activity determinant and there is a certain need in getting a better insight into personal motivation of modern teachers as representatives of the socionomic type profession. Russian and foreign psychologists do not only analyze psychological orientation on the process or result but also admit that there are intermediate states and their reverse nature. To define capabilities of O. Potemkina's test of psychosocial personality attitudes and motivation inventory and I. Kokurina's Dictionary Test that defines prevailing  motivation, the author of the article carried out research that involved 164 school teachers with different work experience record who lived and worked in the Republic of Buryatia. As a result of the research, the author discovers correlation of related indicators of motivation and activity process (at the level of r=0.138 at ≤0.1). Procedural and resulting motivation coincided in 46% of cases. The author assumes that the difference in evaluation of activity motivation is conditioned by specific features of Dictionary Test and concludes that each test has great capacities and can be efficiently used to measure resulting and procedural motivation. These tests can be used both individually and collectively to study motivation and behavior modern teachers. The researcher also suggests that contradictions discovered can be eliminated by carrying out Cattel's test as an additional test method allowing to analyze personal inclinations and traits. 
Kapustina T.V. - Psychodiagnostic Express Methosd in Psychological Counseling pp. 76-85


Abstract: The object of the study are psychodiagnostic express methods. The subject of the study is the classification of express methods used in psychological counseling. The author examines the express methods that are proposed by the creators as methods for starting express diagnostics. Emphasis is placed on the relevance of its use in psychological counseling in solving various practical problems, since it allows one to determine the personality traits or manifestations of the psyche necessary for the psychologist with minimal time expenditure. Special attention is paid to methods that are based on a typological approach to the assessment of personality, since they simplify the work to a greater extent due to the correlation of the client with a certain type of personality. To solve the problems posed in the article, theoretical methods are used such as analysis, systematization and classification of psychodiagnostic express methods. The main conclusions of the theoretical study is the conclusion that it is the projective express methods based on the typological approach that will be most effective in the practical work of the consulting psychologist, since they are the most “safe” and interesting for the client, since he or she mostly works with a weakly structured stimulus material when being diagnosed. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author offers her own classification of psychodiagnostic rapid methods. Also, the main contribution of the author to the development of the theme is the presentation of the author's projective methodology 12 Archetypes Plus Personality Inventory, as one of the express methods applicable in psychological counseling.
Martyanova G.Y., Ilina A.A. - Potentials of Art Therapy in Psychological Assistance of a Preschooler pp. 94-118


Abstract: Art therapy is one of the most famous methods of psychological assistance of children. However, in practical work art therapy is often applied without considering age specific reactions of child's mind. The authors of the present article demonstrate what healing mechanisms of art therapy make it efficient for senior preschoolers. Efficiency of art therapy is assessed compared to the efficiency of play therapy as the priority method for children from three to seven years old due to the fact that play is the leading activity of that age. Comparison of these two psychological approaches is conducted based on the analysis of their process and results. The results of the research prove art therapy to be a useful method of psychological assistance of a preschooler due to the fact that preschoolers have a low level of reflection and verbal activity. The author also discover that the symbolic meaning of art is asociated with the process of developing the sign-symbolic function of child's mind, first of all, through establishing the mechanism of modeling. The authors also prove that as a practical activity, art therapy satisfies all the main principles of psychological assistance of children. The main hypothesis about art therapy being an efficient method of psychological assistance of preschoolers is proved by the resuts of empirical researches. 
Gorbov E.A. - Psychological Conditions for Improving the Function of Control in Management Activity pp. 130-146


Abstract: The subject of the research is the control in management activity. At organisations psychological conditions necessary to perform the function of control are very important because the place of control in the overall structure of a chief's activity and his or her selection of particular parameters of control and forms of control are conditioned by a wide range of individual psychological and personality traits as well as specific features of social and psychological climate at an organisation. The purpose of the research is to analyze particularities of the process of performing control at an organisation and to develop preventive measures aimed at improving it. The author of the article has developed a set of diagnostic tools to analyze one's attitude to control and particularities of performing control functions. Preventive measures offered by the author including seminars, individual sessions, preparation and distribution of information resources proved to be efficient. The results of the final testing prove that empoloyees have become more aware of the essence of control at an organisation, have changed their attitude to control and started to understand that it is necessary. Their anxiety levels have been reduced, too, while the level of a chief's competence has been raised. He has become more aware of the function performed by control, forms of control, goals and psychological conditions that contribute to improving the function of control. Putting their knowledge to life, chiefs have noticed that their employees start to behave less anxiously. Combined with the general results of tests, this may demonstrate that chiefs have started to avoid the system of total control which has reduced their employees' anxiety. 
Maylenova F. - Versatile Forms of Personality Changes: From Zen Practices to Hypnotherapy pp. 142-162


Abstract: The main object of research the trance technicians used in psychotherapy. Modern hypnotherapy incorporates the various experience of personal change developed not only in the field of medicine and psychology, but also in various spiritual practicians (yoga, Zen Buddhism, Taoist practicians). Though the zen with its aiming at action and existence seemed first the direct opposite of the classical psychotherapy based on conversation and work with memoirs here-and-now, his concentration on a present situation and work with understanding were very productive. High, in comparison with other psychotechnicians, efficiency and specifics of work with hypnotic technicians impose additional ethical responsibility on the therapist, in particular, for observance of the principle of the informed consent. The used methodology – the comparative analysis of psychotherapeutic methods of work with the personality and spiritual the practician on the basis of personal experience of self-modification and supervision over clients in the course of psychological consultation. Scientific novelty of approach consists in search of the general principles in such so unlike systems as psychoanalysis, hypnotherapy and an expert zen. The aspiration to understand, interpret the symbols and signs offered unconscious, and the most important – close attention to the processes proceeding in unconscious in fact is inherent in both psychoanalysis, and Zen Buddhism, and this new knowledge promotes expansion of opportunities of hypnotherapy and enrichment of vision of human nature and ways of its healing.
Gafarova O.N. - Technology of reality realization approach of psychological consulting pp. 317-356


Abstract: Technology of Reality Realization (ToRR-approach) is a conceptually developed matrix modality, to be equally applied in psychological consulting and psychotherapy, coaching and business-consulting, education and enlightenment. Due to implementation of the ToRR approach into the work of psychological “Resource Center “Integraziya” ( the term of elimination of clients’ neurotic states, addictions and difficult organizational and family conflicts has been reduced in more than two times, compared to 2010. The ToRR-approach is based on adaptive mechanisms of development and matrix (table of informational elements), displaying the direction of changes in one horizontal-structural level, the consulting model, having a vast spectrum of application and allowing to study the clients’ problems, particular environmental conditions connected to their problems, predict the main tendencies of their consequent life scenarios. And also the ToRR-approach allows making necessary recommendations for positive solutions of the clients’ problems. The ToRR- acts as a catalyst accelerating changes in the process of understanding and related personal development, creating a new quality of thinking and the nature of the client in the process of self-adjustment. The Technology allows to predict with some accuracy the development of future events and forecast them, tracking the dynamics of the process, and if necessary, change or adjust them to ensure sustainability and irreversibility of the positive results in the lives of our
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