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Publications of Shitova Elena
World Politics, 2015-1
Shitova E.N. - Methods of fighting corruption in Brazil: achievemetns and new challenges. pp. 123-143


Abstract: Corruption is a large-scale problem throughout the political system of Brazil. Corruption permeats all of the levels of state administration (federal, regional, municipal) and all of the branches of power. In spite of the measures taken at the state level the problem of corruption remains ttopical. The controlling services become more and more branched, but they do not become more efficient.  The informal practices of public relations form an important part of the Brazilian culture and influence its efficiency. Corruption in Brazil is caused both by the imperfections of the instituions themselves and by the cultural acceptance of it.  The methodology of the article involves systemic, structural functional, comparative political approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, deduction, observation and modeling.  The article involves analysis of the nature of the corruption "Brazilian style", its cultural specificities, and measures against it at all state levels since 2000s, including the agencies responsible for fighting corruption, legislative regulation of corruption, results, which have been achieved and the new challenges.
Trends and management, 2014-3
Shitova E.N. -


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