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Publications of Meshcheryakova Emma Ivanovna
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2018-4
Bocharov A.V., Meshcheryakova E.I., Larionova A.V. - Semantic Fields in Perceiving the Phenomenon of Extermism by Student Youth pp. 54-68


Abstract: The subject of the research is the peculiarities of student youth's perception of the phenomenon of extermism. The aim of the research is to discover the dependence of the the dependence of the perception of extremism by a group of young students on the socio-psychological factors for constructing a multidimensional typology of the perception of extremism by young people as the basis of psychological preventive measures. The features of the relationship between the results of the thematic and frequency content analysis of associations with extremism and personal characteristics of students have been identified. The study was based on the assumption that students' attitudes toward extremism depend on a combination of socio-psychological factors such as gender, age, family structure, profession, trust in people and society, meaningful life orientations, and the level of satisfaction with life. The interdisciplinary research model was based on the combination of psycholinguistic and psychodiagnostic measurements (LSS, Rosenberg Confidence Scale, Quality of Life Survey and Satisfaction Survey), associative experiment, content analysis, cross tabulation and cluster analysis. The hypothesis of the study: the attitude of young people to extremism depends on certain psychological systemic dependencies of associative and personal characteristics. As a result of the study, two invariant semantic concepts were identified: ideological, political and psychological associations. The identified semantic richness of associative fields demonstrates vagueness and inclusive uncertainty in the understanding of extremism among students. The clustering of psychodiagnostic variables and associations of extremism made it possible to isolate the similarities and differences in the understanding of extremism depending on gender, which must be taken into account when carrying out preventive measures for the spread of extremism. 
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2018-1
Gridneva A.A., Larionova A.V., Meshcheryakova E.I. - Forming a Stress Resistance as Part of Psychological Support Program for Penitentiary Officers pp. 33-40


Abstract: The subject of the research is the formation of stress resistance to extreme situations that may be experienced by penitentiary officers during their service. Stress resistance is formed through combined effect of psychological training and audovisual stimulation. This research is the health psychology type of research and aimed at developing particular methods for psychological support and prevention of stress that may be experienced by penitentiary officers in extreme situations. The researchers create and test a psychological support program aimed at forming stress resistance of penitentiary officers. This program is usedat psychological centers of penitentiary organisations. Based on the aims and objectives ot the empirical research, the authors have used assessment methods, educational experiment, methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis of empirical data. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors obtain new scientific data about developing stress resistance by teaching self-regulation skills and developing life-sense orientations. As a result of this program's approbation, the researchers have discovered that combination of training and audiovisual stimulation proves to be more efficient in formation of stress resistance as a mental health resource and significantly increases such indicators as life-sense orientations and stress resistance. 
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