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Publications of Koshkin Andrei Petrovich
Modern Education, 2017-4
Koshkin A.P., Novikov A.V. - The role of social representations in studentsí motivation to acquire further education pp. 48-75


Abstract: Under the conditions of rapid development of the market of further educational services, multiple universities show interest in attracting the students to education upon the program of further professional education. From such perspective, it is extremely important to identify the significant social factors that greatly affect the representations of students regarding further education and their role in creation and establishment of motivation to continue education. This work focuses on analysis of the role of social representations on motivating students to receive further professional training during studying in the university. The research leans on the results of sociological surveys that involved 452 of the Russian students. The results were analyzed using the factor analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis, k-means clustering, and regression analysis. The authors examines the attitude of the Russian students towards further education using the six scales: 1) informedness about such programs; 2) social representations (content, conditions, price); 3) idea of the necessary characteristics of the programs and expectations; 4) desire to receive further professional training currently and in the future, as well as the impeding factors. The four basic representations about the further education have been determined in students’ consciousness. The results of the research demonstrate that social representation have a poor impact upon students’ desire to acquire further professional training during studying in the university, however have substantial effect in long-term perspective.
Pedagogy and education, 2017-1
Koshkin A.P., Yablochkina I.V., Kornilova I.M., Novikov A.V. - Integration of Students' and Teachers' Interests in Terms of Corporate Acts at Modern Universities pp. 133-151


Abstract: The subject of the research is the processes of social and academic integration of students and teachers in terms of a University corporate code. At Universities students and teachers constantly have to correspond their personal interests with corporate standards and social interests. Not all students or even teachers demonstrate a positive adjustment to corporate standards and rules. Quite often there is a mismatch between students' and teachers' personal interests and their University's corporate standards. This fact affects their self-realisation, ethical and moral attitudes and professional development. The fact that some personal interests are not institutionalized gives us a wrong feeling that a person completely adjusts to corporate values and ethics described in basic corporate acts of an organisation as a result of their long teaching or working there. The main research method used by the authors is a survey that involved students and teachers. All in all, 210 students and 62 teachers participated in the survey. According to the authors, correspondence of students' and teachers' personal interests to the provisions of the corporate code may express the dynamics and orientation of the process of integrating such interests in the University environment. Students' and teachers' interests can actually agree with University values, so overcoming the gap between personal interests and social interests should be one of the ways to realise the process of interests' integration. 
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