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Publications of Kuleshova Natalia Sergeevna
Politics and Society, 2017-4
Kuleshova N.S., Aby S. - Female face of the national liberation movement of Kurdistan pp. 11-20


Abstract: The subject of the study is the Kurdish question, which is a complex problem. Respect for human rights is a measure of the internal danger of the Kurdish countries. An objective analysis of the Kurdish national movement in modern conditions does not leave such an important issue as the role of women in the Kurdish society and the national liberation movement without attention. An important factor in solving the Kurdish issue is participation in public organizations and movements. Women participate in the political process of Kurdistan at various workplaces of Kurdistan (PKK, RKK), Women's Association in Kazakhstan (KJK), Association for Support and Education of Women KA-DER, World, as well as acute social problems provoking the oppression of modern women. Analysis of the real situation of women and their women's movements in society is of great theoretical and practical importance, since without an integrated scientific analysis, an objective and complete assessment of what is happening in Kurdish society is impossible. The authors use an integrated, systematic approach in combination with political, historical and other methods. To consider two interrelated processes: the participation and role of Kurdish women in the national liberation movement and the impact of the movement on the social-political status With modern women. The study confirms that women working in the Kurdish language do not have equal opportunities for women, and they do not have the right to receive legal assistance. The goal is to destroy the stereotype about the social and civil potential of women.A comprehensive analysis of the concept of counteraction to financial and political problems in society is presented. The theoretical conclusions of the authors are supported by examples of reports on violations and the development of liberation movements in various civil spheres, as well as the results of their achievement for the uniformity and participation in the life of the regions.Read the document, which sets out the main provisions of the law on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.
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