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Publications of Bzezian Anastasiia
Psychologist, 2016-6
Bzezian A. - The Content of the Appearance Stereotypes of Men and Women with Different Types of Look pp. 9-19


Abstract: The subject of the research is the Appearance stereotypes of men and women with different ypes of look. The object of the research is 109 people aged from 18 to 30 (58 women and 51 men) belonging to the 'Russian' ethnic group. Attention is paid to the comparative analysis of the contents of Appearance stereotypes of men and women with Slavic, Caucasian and Asian looks. The research hypothesis is that the content of the Appearance stereotype may be conditioned by ethnic affiliation of a perceived object depending on one's look. to study the content of the Appearance stereotypes of men and women with different types of look, the author has used the bipolar scale 'Diagnostics of the content and positive-negative degree of the 'Appearance' stereotypes' (offered by V. Labyunskaya and A. Bzezyan). The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author of the research views a particular type of ethnic stereotypes, so called 'Appearance' stereotypes, as a simplified and generalized idea of psychological traits and behavior of representatives of a particular ethnic group that are being actualized based on their look (Slavic, Caucasian, Asian types of look). Based on the results of the analysis of Appearance stereotypes, the author concludes that the most positive stereotypes are about men and women with a Slavic look and the least positive stereotypes are about men and women with a Caucasian look. 
National Security, 2014-3
Bzezian A. -


Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2014-1
Bzezian A. -


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