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Publications of Labunskaya Vera Aleksandrovna
Sociodynamics, 2018-11
Labunskaya V.A. - Dynamics of studentsí perception on functional importance of attractive appearance pp. 11-19


Abstract: The subject of this research is the dynamics of students’ perception on the functional importance of attractive appearance depending on the stage of education and spheres of life activities: communication, friendship; career; academic success; family, romantic relations. Following the tradition of analyzing the functions of appearance, the author considers the dynamics of the effect of the more attractive appearance upon the sense of happiness. Methodology is structured on the basis of developed by the author “Multi-factor model of analysis of the perception of appearance”, which centers around the “value of appearance”, its “functional importance”. Using the created together with G. V. Serikov questionnaire, the author examines the dynamics of measures of agreement with the statements on the effect of more attractive appearance depending on the stage of education of young people in university: 130 students, Bachelors of first and senior years. Data processing contains Manna-Whitney nonparametric U-test; paired sample t-test. The following conclusions were made: 1) The dynamics of perceptions on the effect of more attractive appearance is substantiated by the interaction of such factors as the stage of education and sphere of life activities; 2) In students’ perception, the functional importance of appearance is higher for the sphere of friendship, communication, sense of happiness rather than other spheres of life; 3) The dynamics of measured of agreement with the statements marks the decline in functional importance of appearance for the Bachelor students of senior year; 4) Functional importance of the more attractive appearance for the sphere of communication and friendship does change significantly under the influence of the stage of education.
Security Issues, 2018-6
Labunskaya V.A. - Ethno Lookism as the Factor that Decreases Psychological Safety of Ethno-Cultural Groups with Different Kinds of Appearance pp. 1-8


Abstract: The subject of the research is ethno lookism interpreted as 'everyday' discriminatory practice that involve ethno-cultural groups with peculiar appearance. New aspects of human existence, in particular, 'digital environment', raise a question about psychological safety of an individual when he or she happens to be under the influence of discriminatory behavior caused by the influence of various factors. Thus, the author of the article emphasizes the need to analyze subjective and personality factors that influence the acceptance of ethno lookism and, consequently, on the definition of individual's psychological safety. The author offers the following hypothesis: acceptance or non-acceptance of ethno lookism may be the result of self-evaluations of one's appearance. The methods used by the author include 1)Test to evaluate the acceptance of discriminatory behavior of the Other when ethno-cultural groups are involved; 2) Appearance Self-Evaluation Test. The mathematical procedures included single-factor analysis of variance, T-criteria of paired samples, and Mann–Whitney U test. The research involved 66 young people from 25 to 35 years old, men constituted 36% and women constituted 64%. The main conclusions of the research: 1. The range of ethno lookism acceptance demonstrates that 25% of research participants have a high level of ethno lookism acceptance. These young people may be a threat for psychological safety of particular groups with a singular appearance. 2. The higher self-esteem and self-evaluation of young people towards their appearance are, the more tolerant they are to ethno lookism and the more frequent they determine the level of psychological safety in a group. 
Modern Education, 2018-4
Labunskaya V.A., Bzezyan A.A. - Appearance in educational environment: evaluation, self-evaluation, functional importance pp. 8-18


Abstract: This article provides a theoretical analysis of the studies on the impact of student’s appearance upon his academic performance, and the impact of educator’s appearance upon the students’ academic success. A theoretical conclusion is made on the appearance as a “social capital” of the students and educators. It is noted that the conclusions about the influence of appearance on educational environment were formulated by the western scholars. Therefore, the authors examins the indicated problem with regards to the Russian students, including evaluation of the educator’s appearance, role of the subjective assessment of students’ economic status in determining the functional importance of appearance in educational environment. The authors apply a number of the original questionnaires and surveys. The research involved 130 students; 62% identified themselves with the group “rather poor than wealthy” and 48% – “rather wealthy than poor”. It is concluded that the students agree with the statement that the more attractive appearance can contribute to confident interaction with the educators, their attention to the student, and higher academic grades; students’ subjective assessment of their economic status affects their self-evaluation and evaluation of the educators’ appearance, but does not significantly influences the choice of measure of the functional importance of appearance for educational environment. The authors underline that the student environment, regardless the economic status of the students, has formed a perspective of the “investment power” of appearance as a social capital.
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