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Publications of Kolomeitseva Natal'ya Andreevna
International relations, 2019-4
Kolomeitseva N.A. - Investment cooperation in agricultural sector of the southern regions of Far East as a factor of Russia’s Asia-Pacific Region integration pp. 80-85


Abstract: The subject of this research is cooperation of Russian with the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region (APR) in the area of agricultural production in the southern Far East within the context of import substitution policy and the so-called “Eastern Federal Policy”. The aim of this research is to analyze the conditions contributing to Russia’s entry into the APR through agricultural industry of the region. In the course of this research, the author notates the infrastructural and technical weakness of the Primorsk agricultural cluster as a factor impeding the entry of the Russian companies into the APR markets. The scientific novelty of this research consists in the analysis of productivity of the Primorsk region agricultural sector over the recent years, based on which the author gives recommendations on the measures for strengthening the agricultural sector of the Far East as a competitive industry in East Asia. According to the conclusions of this research, the Primorsk agricultural sector can become a “conduit” of Russia’s integration processes in the APR, if the industry will become the flagman of the agriculture of the Russian Federation in the nearest years.
Law and Politics, 2018-3
Kolomeitseva N.A., Kochubei O.I. - BRICS: institutional potential of Russian in implementation of the Asia-Pacific political vector pp. 32-38


Abstract: The object of this research is the activation of the Asia-Pacific political vector of Russia. The East development plan declared by the President in 2013 alongside the foreign policy turn of the Russian Federation towards the East due to the current crises of the system of international relations, created the additional prerequisites for close integration of the Russian Federation and its Far Eastern subjects with the Pacific Rim countries. The authors assume that the activity of the Russian Federation within the framework of the international institution of BRICS, which membership Russia has for over a decade, falls within the concept of modern eastern policy of Russia. For revealing the institutional potential of Russia for realization of its “eastern” political vector through BRICS, the authors analyze the participation of Russia in the integration processes in the East, as well as the interests of the key players of the “five”. The scientific novelty lies in application of the complementarity approach of BRICS mechanism and pursuance of its leading actors, including Russian Federation, towards realization of the “eastern” foreign policy vector. The researchers believe that in the conditions of global tension, the institutional potential of BRICS will encourage Russia’s integration into the Pacific Rim.
Politics and Society, 2016-7
Kolomeitseva N.A. - Investment potential of the Far East as a driver of political-economic cooperation of Russia with the Pacific Rim countries


Abstract: The object of this research is activation of the Asia-Pacific political vector of Russia. Within the framework of this topic the author notes that the crisis irrupted in the system of international relations, caused by a so-called “Ukrainian crisis”, encouraged the accelerated development of the Russian Far East for the purpose of its integration into the Pacific Rim. Special attention is given to the investment opportunities of the Far East in the context of collaboration with the countries of Asia-Pacific region. The author carefully examines the economic, political, and social factors that define the current development of the Far Eastern Federal District. The article presents a complex analysis of the factors affecting the characteristics of Russia’s integration into the Asia-Pacific region. The author underlines the institutional and economic potential of Primorsky Krai as a prerequisite for the establishment of transboundary zone in the south of the Russian Far East, which in the future should result in the increase in business contacts in the Far Eastern region.   
International relations, 2016-3
Kolomeitseva N.A. - Sanctions confrontation between Russia and the West: economic consequences and the activization of the Asia-Pacific vector of Russia’s policy


Abstract: The research object is economic pressure in the form of sanctions, which has recently become one of the main instruments of geopolitical rivals used for upholding their interests on the international scene. The author notes that, due to its limited impact, the policy of sanctions is the illustration of the crisis of the international relations system. The article analyzes economic consequences of sanctions used by the Western countries and Russia against each other. The author emphasizes that the peak of crisis in most economic indexes has been overcome by now. The author applies the methods of statistical analysis, system generalization and comparison. Using these methods, the author forecasts the further development of political and economic trends in Russia. In the author’s opinion, the further economic development of the state will be linked with the growth of economic and investment activity on the Russian Far East. The author concludes that the development of economic relations with the countries and investors of Asia-Pacific region is, on the one hand, a result of economic pressure of the Western countries, and on the other, a crucial step for Russia in economic decline overcoming. 
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