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Publications of Kadyrov Ruslan Vasitovich
Psychologist, 2019-2
Kadyrov R.V., Kapustina T.V., Gorokhova Y.O. - Attitude to Life and Future Demonstrated by Children and Teenagers Suffering from Onco-Hematological Diseases pp. 46-55


Abstract: The matter under research is attitude to life and future demonstrated by children suffering from onco-hematological diseases, serious chronic illness that changes life views and attitudes. The results of the research are of great importance for understanding the teenager age when basic beliefs, values and world views, attitudes to life and future develop which creates the basis for personality identification and influences future life-important choices of young men and women. For the empirical research the authors have used such methods as tests, questionnaires and projective method. Statistical data processing was performed using the non-parametric Mann-Whitney U-test and Fisher test. The scientific novelty of the research is obvious because the majority of researches involve adults or explain psychological peculiarities of rehabilitation of such patients. The results of the research demonstrate that younger school children with onco-hematological diseases have a better idea of their life goals wile their attitude to past life events is more negative and full of anxiety. Teenagers with ongo-hematological diseases have a life attitude that is based on their personal life experience. Their attitude to future has little sence, no clear goals and full of anxiety and negative emotions. Their priority life values are spiritual values as well as communication and acceptance from others. 
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