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Publications of Kapustina Tatiana Viktorovna
Psychologist, 2018-5
Kapustina T.V., Kadyrov R.V., Lyukshina D.S. - Coping Behavior Strategies and Psychological Defence Mechanisms of Young Women with Particular Early Maladaptive Schemas pp. 25-33


Abstract: The object of the research is the Early Maladaptive Schemas. The subject of the research is the coping behavior strategies and psychological defence mechanisms used by young women with different Early Maladaptive Schemas. The authors of the article analyze Early Maladaptive Schemas as particular behavioral stereotypes that have a negative influence on life activity. The authors underline the importance of the research results for psychological counselling regarding difficult life situations caused by Early Maladaptive Schemas. In the course of their research the authors have used empirical research methods and data processing methods. In particular, they use such tests as the Young Schema Questionnaire YSQ-S3R, Coping Strategy Inventory and Life-Style Index. For statisticall processing of data the authors use Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient. The results of the empirical research of young women aged from 21 to 30 years with Early Maladaptive Schemas demonstrate that the coping strategies they mostly use are distancing and repression as an ego defence mechanism. The research results can be used for psychological counselling of clients and patients with Early Maladaptive Schemas and increasing efficiency of psychological assistance by transforming or changing habitual inefficient behavioral schemes. The novelty of the research and the authors' contribution are caused by the fact that they extend the empirical basis of Early Maladaptive Schemas and give the results that can be u sed in psychotherapy and psychological counselling. 
Psychologist, 2018-3
Kapustina T.V. - Psychodiagnostic Express Methosd in Psychological Counseling pp. 76-85


Abstract: The object of the study are psychodiagnostic express methods. The subject of the study is the classification of express methods used in psychological counseling. The author examines the express methods that are proposed by the creators as methods for starting express diagnostics. Emphasis is placed on the relevance of its use in psychological counseling in solving various practical problems, since it allows one to determine the personality traits or manifestations of the psyche necessary for the psychologist with minimal time expenditure. Special attention is paid to methods that are based on a typological approach to the assessment of personality, since they simplify the work to a greater extent due to the correlation of the client with a certain type of personality. To solve the problems posed in the article, theoretical methods are used such as analysis, systematization and classification of psychodiagnostic express methods. The main conclusions of the theoretical study is the conclusion that it is the projective express methods based on the typological approach that will be most effective in the practical work of the consulting psychologist, since they are the most “safe” and interesting for the client, since he or she mostly works with a weakly structured stimulus material when being diagnosed. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author offers her own classification of psychodiagnostic rapid methods. Also, the main contribution of the author to the development of the theme is the presentation of the author's projective methodology 12 Archetypes Plus Personality Inventory, as one of the express methods applicable in psychological counseling.
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