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Publications of Usynina Tatyana Petrovna
Psychologist, 2017-1
Usynina T.P., Stepanova N.V., Malikov L.V. - On the Development of Orphaned Children's Socioemotional Competence pp. 37-44


Abstract: The subject of the research is particularities of socioemotional competence of children at orphanages. The authors of the research focus on the structure of socioemotional competence of orphaned children which is presented by the authors as a set of cognitive (understanding, mutual learning, reflection), emotional (empathy, emotional expressiveness, self-regulation) and behavioral (social activity, social adaptability, social autonomy) components. Special attention is paid to psychological and pedagogical conditions of developing socioemotional competence of high school students who are brought up at orphanags. The authors compare socioemotional competence in groups of high school students who are brought up at orphanages and students who are raised in families. The authors have used the following methods in their research: Emotional Intelligence Inventory by D. Lyusin, Diagnostics of the Perceptive-Interactive Competence modified by N. Fetiskina, Empathy Inventory by A. Mekhrabian and N. Epstein, Social Intelligence Inventory by J. Guilford and M. Sallivan. The authors' special contribution to the topic is the results of primary and repeated diagnostics confirming the feasibility of the implementation of psycho-pedagogical conditions encouraging the development of socioemotional competence. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors prove the positive impact of socioemotional competence which, in its turn, increases emotional and social intelligence, empathy and reflection encouraging social activity, social adaptability and independence. On the whole, the results of the research demonstrate a general tendency to increase the level of socioemotional competence ensuring effective interactions between orphans. 
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