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Publications of Borzova Tatiana Vladimirovna
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2015-8
Borzova T.V. - Psychology of Understanding: the Program for Studying Personality in Terms of Its Attitude to the Environment


Abstract: The subject of the study are psychological conditions that determine the development of understanding of both the process and resuls of operatoins of the university students. The object of the study is the learning process of students. In her article Borzova has attempted to develop a diagnostic tool for studying the processes of student understanding himself, events and phenomena of the surrounding world, and other people. The author considers that the scientific text of Alexander Lazursky and Semyon Frank "The program for studying personality in terms of its attitude to the environment" does not only have a cultural value as a text written by the scientists of the 20th century. This text also has a powerful diagnostic potential of knowledge and understanding of the human being and his disharmony with himself and the othe world. Borzova attempts to adapt "The program for studying personality in terms of its attitude to the environment" to the process of teaching students. The main contribution of the author in the study of the problems of understanding the nature of the text and social sciences is the creation of the diagnostic tool that allows a modern student to interact with all kinds of signifiers that possess the meaning and are capable of creating new meanings. The first step towards this goal has been the publication of a modified version of Koseling's inventory "Overcoming Difficulties in Writing Texts" (published in the Psychology and Psychotechnics Journal, Issue 1, 2014). 
Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2014-7
Borzova T.V. -


Psychology and Psychotechnics, 2014-1
Borzova T.V. -


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