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Publications of Faskhutdinova Yuliya Fatykhovna
Philology: scientific researches, 2014-4
Faskhutdinova Y.F., Galyautdinova S.I. -


Litera, 2014-1
Faskhutdinova Y.F. - To the Question of Transmitting the Knowledge through Dictionaries (On the Example of The Russian-Bashkir Clinical Psychology Dictionary) pp. 138-154


Abstract: The article analyzes the problem of transmitting the scientific knowledge from one language environment into the other on the example of the translation of the clinical psychology information from Russian into Bashkir and vice versa. The multicultural character of the modern science is stated particularly in the clinical psychology created by psychologists from different countries. This makes it necessary to transmit the knowledge from one culture to the other. The article tells history of the clinical psychology development, shows the necessity of compiling dictionaries of scientific terminology on different stages of the development of this science. Methodologically the article is based on the principles of transmitting the scientific knowledge and on the concept of the connections between a word and an image. The main method used in the article is the method of a theoretical analysis of the scientific literature. The important role of dictionaries is claimed in the course of the clinical psychology development, as they are the means of transmitting the knowledge. Also the article notes the necessity to compile the Russian-Bashkir dictionaries to translate specific clinical terminology. The article analyzes the history of creating the Russian-Bashkir dictionaries and gives the description of the present-day situation of the problem. The article also shows fields of application of the Russian-Bashkir Clinical Psychology dictionary when it is worked out.
Psychologist, 2013-5
Faskhutdinova Y.F. - On the Question about the Development of Cognitive Abilities of Children with Mental Regardation pp. 24-45


Abstract: The author of the article presents a review of modern practical researches of children with the mental regardation (delay of the development of cognitive abilities such as attention, memory, cogitation and imagination). The author of the article makes an assumption that the delay in development can be better overcome if the delay is conditioned by the environmental but not genetic factor. The results of the research show that different researchers have manged to develop cognitive abilities of children with mental regardation, however, healthy children usually demonstrate better results after taking special classes of mental development. Therefore it is very difficult for children with mental regardation to cover the gap between them and healthy children. However, children with mental regardation demonstrate pretty good results when they take creative imagination development classes including art, musical and dancing classes. Imagination is a creative ability and creative abilities are determined genetically, too. Therefore the author recommends to develop creative abilities when working with children with mental regardation. 
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