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About Mental Images of Higher Levels

Berezina Tatiana Nikolaevna

Doctor of Psychology

professor of the Department of Scientific Basis of Extreme Psychology at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

123290, Russia, g. Moscow, nab. Shelepikhinskaya, 2a, aud. 508

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Abstract: The author of the article develops the model of the system of images consisting of various levels of processing information. At each level integrators - images of a certain level - are being formed. The described model is based on the cognitive theory of memory (the concept of dual coding) and Pavlov's theory of the first and second reflex systems. Consolidation of visual information is described similarly with the consolidation of information by the second reflex system. The first level images are represented by the eidetic images and they are photographic. The second level images are viewed as the classical secondary images of concrete items. Such images have the visual features and they are visualized as an image with changing elements. The third level images are represented as the images of consolidated items (the 'animals' imagen) and they are visualized as the contour. The forth level images are the images of higher levels (the 'item' imagen). The fifth level images aer non-verbal samples of moral, philosophical and mathematical consolidations. It is assumed that the images of higher levels are polymodal.

Keywords: world image, imaginal representations, secondary images, mental images, imagse, psychology, speech, reflex system, dual coding, imagens
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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