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Personal Types of Retired People with Cardiovascular Diseases

Berezina Tatiana Nikolaevna

Doctor of Psychology

professor of the Department of Scientific Basis of Extreme Psychology at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

123290, Russia, g. Moscow, nab. Shelepikhinskaya, 2a, aud. 508

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Chumakova Elizaveta Anatol'evna

geriatrist at City Out-Patient Hospital No. 9 of the Moscow City Health Department

109451, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Moscow, bul. Perervinskii, 4, of. 2

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Abstract: The subject of the research is the distribution of psycho-types of patients with cardiovascular diseases. The object of the research are individuals of retirement age. The research involved 100 people who have been registered in the city clinic for cardiac disease. The comparison group consists of individuals with cancer. The vegetative-behavioral, temperamental and emotional personality types of pensioners were studied. The author pays special attention to the distribution of patients according to the types of the emotional sphere of unconscious and self-estimated levels. Diagnostics of personality types are carried out with the help of the following tests: Strelau, Rusalov as well as original questionnaires. To assess the reliability of differences between distributions, the statistical χ2 criterion is used. It is shown that there are differences in distribution by type for the temperamental level, and at the trend level for the vegetative behavioral. It is suggested to consider personal types as an additional variable; the belonging of a person to a certain personality type under certain conditions will increase the risk of the disease, while at others decrease. The direction for further research has been determined: identification of the risk conditions for cardiac diseases and conditions for the restoration of health for each personality type. 

Keywords: cardiological diseases, somatic health, behavioral types, temperament types, emotions, emotional types, personal types, personality, retirement age, health
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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