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Modern Education

Research methods and Categories of the Philosophy of Science

Gryaznova Elena Vladimirovna

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor of the department of Philosophy and Theology at Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University

603005, Russia, g. Nizhnii Novgorod, ul. Ul'yanova, 1

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Abstract: In this article the option of creation of the second lecture of the course "History and Philosophy of Science" is offered. Material of the first lecture was published in work earlier: Gryaznova of E.V. The Subject of the Philosophy of Science //NB: Philosophical researches. - 2013. - Issue No. 6. - Pages 514-529. In the presented material the multilevel concept of methodology of scientific knowledge with analysis of examples of use of various methods of scientific research in science philosophy in detail is considered. The special attention is paid to a dialectic method since in modern dissertation researches it ceased to play a key role that reduces quality of the last. Feature of creation of this material is that in the course of a statement it is offered not only to acquaint listeners with the existing methodology of scientific research, but also on concrete examples from their dissertation researches to fulfill possibility of its application. In work laws and the principles of dialectics, the analysis and synthesis, the principles of didactics, elements of interactive pedagogical technologies are used. This material was approved when carrying out occupations with graduate students and undergraduates. Thanks to interactive technologies and to existence of interrelation between the stated material and dissertation researches of listeners, material is acquired purposefully and helps into practice to practice to put the gained knowledge. The presented article can become a methodological and didactic element for teachers of higher education institution who develop and give courses on "History and philosophy of science", "Methodology of scientific researches".

Keywords: philosophy of science, research method, dialectics, category, science, dialectic method, methodology, concept, framework of categories and concepts, methodology of science
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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