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Modern Education

State sponsorship of the system of personnel training in Ukraine

Lelyuk Yuliya Vladimirovna

Post-graduate student, the department of Management and Economics, National Academy of Senior Executives of Culture and Art; Educator, the department of Economics, Kiev University of Market Relations

02098 Ukraine, Kiev, Bereznyakovskaya Street 26 B, office #10




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Abstract: This article is dedicated to the review of the problem of state sponsorship of the higher education in Ukraine. The author examines the factors affecting the instability and development of crisis phenomena during the course of personnel training. A special attention is given to the aspect of financing the higher education. The author analyzes the financial resources of the higher education facilities and formulates the conclusion that the government remains the main financier. The author also conducts the analysis of the dynamics and changes in spending of the Unified Budget of Ukraine on education in 2011-2014. It is noted that the absolute indexes (the GDP) is much lower than those in the developed countries. And therefore, there are a lot fewer funding allocated for education in Ukraine than in developed countries. The author suggests to make changes in the existing form of financing the education facilities and to create programs for attracting the funds from private sector.

Keywords: laws, funding, education, educational sphere, higher education, personnel training, costs, consolidated budget, gross domestic product, investment activities
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Monitoring integratsii ukrainskoi sistemy vysshego obrazovaniya v Evropeiskoe prostranstvo vysshego obrazovaniya i nauchnogo issledovaniya: monitoring issled.: analit. otchet / Mezhdunarod. blagod. fond «Mezhdunarod. fond issled. obrazovanii politiki»; pod obshch. red.T. V. Finikovaya, A. I. Sharova – M .: Takson, 2014. – 144 s.
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