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Modern Education

Examination of the types and causes of the reactions of people who perform publically

Matiukhin Igor' Viktorovich

postgraduate student, National Research University Higher School of Economics Department of psychology

127051, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Moscow, per. Malyi Sukharevskii, 6

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Abstract: It is a no secret that performing publically is tedious work, often putting people into awkward situations and forcing them to be persistent in self-improvement in order to not feel the intense pressure that is felt by those who perform publically. Each person experiences a different level of anxiety due to different internal apperceptive reasons. This research is conducted via targeted observation of various people who performs publically. The author presents the theoretical analysis of the reaction of anxiety as the modification of an alarming manifestation of personal or situational nature, and also analyzes the interconnection between nervousness and social factors, including ways of avoiding the feeling of anxiety. The main types of people’s reactions during performing publically are being detected by the significant and evident external and behavioral characteristics. The article also presents the points of view of successful pedagogues on the topic of the art of public performances.

Keywords: public, performance, anxiety, social causes, social rejection, marks, observation, typology, worry, spleeny
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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