Статья 'Теории и практики коммуникации Эма Гриффина: методика формирования компетенций' - журнал 'Современное образование' - NotaBene.ru
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Modern Education

“A First Look at Communication Theory” by Em Griffin: methodology of the formation of competencies

Semilet Tamara Alekseevna

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, the department of Theory and Practice of Journalism, Altai State University

656049, Russia, Altai Krai, Barnaul, Dimitrova Street 66, office #414

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Abstract: The subject of this article is the book “A First Look at Communication Theory” by Em Griffin, which is claimed as a scientific overviews and systematization of the communication theories, and aimed at «helping to see the order in the field of communication theory which may seem chaotic». The conducted expertise, however, demonstrated that in the course of rendition the goal of scientific systematization of the theories, according with the suggested by the author foundations, moves to the background, and the main attention becomes focused on the practical recommendations pertaining to the formation of communicative competencies of the students. Familiarization with the text showed that the author supports the pragmatic approach in rendering the material, which signifies not the description of a theory or comprehensive overview, but rather applicability of one or another theory for the formation of communicative competencies among students. The book gains great importance as the theoretically substantiated methodological guidebook on teaching the ways of structuring the efficient communication and attainment of the corresponding skills.

Keywords: competence, competence approach, communicator competencies, systematization of theories, pragmatic approach, textbook, teaching, communication theory, communication, Em Griffin
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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