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Modern Education

One of the mechanisms of formation of creativity and vision of new reality

Rozin Vadim Markovich

Doctor of Philosophy

Chief Scientific Associate, Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences 

109240, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Goncharnaya, 12 str.1, kab. 310

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Abstract: The article examines one of the mechanisms of creativity. It puts forward the following hypothesis: the existential problems of personality find their resolution in the new vision, which is initially incomprehensible and unacceptable, but then, being understood, or in other words, interpreted and conceptualized, and thus becomes clear. For confirmation of this hypothesis, the article analyses the three cases, discusses the notions of vision, reality, and existence, as well as applies the author’s concept of dreams. Creativity begins with the intersubjective situations and subjective problems; in addition to the search and realization of certain methodology, it suggests the new vision, conceptualization, and a number of other procedures, and ends with the existence and detection of the new reality. At the same time, the following methodology was being applied: posing of the questions, case analysis, distinction of the examined phenomena, and construction of notions. As a result, the study was able to demonstrate that the important mechanism of creativity consists in the existential problems, which are solved by the person through inventing the schemes.  Based on them, establishes the new vision of reality alongside understanding of what is happening, which initially seems paradoxical.

Keywords: problems, case studies, scheme, development, creativity, situation, reality, vision, implementation, personality
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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