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Modern Education

Learning digital skills: analytics of leading practices

Shirinkina Elena Viktorovna

PhD in Economics

Docent, the department of Management and Business, Surgut State University

628412, Russia, Tyumenskaya oblast', g. Surgut, ul. Lenina, 1, kab. 510

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Abstract: The relevance of this research is substantiated by an interesting phenomenon that has occurred in the last decade: the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are based on digitalization of not only products and processes, but also people's behavior at work and outside it.  The author reviews digital skills as the “third basket”, which is equally as significant as the “baskets” of professional and “soft” skills. Therefore, analysis is conducted on the experience of facts and cases presented by dozens of Russian and international educational institutions for determining the leading practices of digital education. The author describes the key determinants of digital literacy. The following conclusions were made : 1) digital education is based on the principles that differ drastically from other tools, sets new goals, focusing on the approaches that blow up the traditional university methods; 2) IBM “Facing The Storm” research indicates that massive shortage of digital skills among personnel is a storm that is brewing on the horizon; 3) research of the BFR (Big Fast Results) institute reflects the mechanism of implementing educational and managerial processes within the paradigm of digital literacy; 4) the presented research covers a wide range of empirical data, which allows all parties to the educational process to form digital learning environment strongly contributing to development of the currently relevant “soft” skills.

Keywords: online education, training, digital economy, digital technology, best practic, digitalization, education, digital skills, cases, digital literacy
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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