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Modern Education

Influence of Anxiety on Results of Final School Exams (State Final Certification and Unified State Exam) Passed by Students with Different Levels of School Success

Strizhius Elena Ivanovna

Post-graduate stuent of the Department of General Psychology, Psychology of Personality and History of Psychology at Modern University for the Humanities

109029, Russia, Moscow, ul. Nizhegorodskaya 32




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Abstract: The author of the article analyzes the influence of anxiety on results of final school exams (state final certification and unified state exam) passed by students with different levels of school success. According to the level of their current school progress, all students were divided into three groups: regular students (more than half of all students. Each of these students had at least one C grade), good students (who had only good and excellent grades) and excellent students who had only excellent grades. According to their level of anxiety graduates were also divided into three groups: graduates with the high level of anxiety, graduates with the average level of anxiety and graduates with the low level of anxiety. The author shows that anxiety has an evident impact on expected and actually received scores for math assignments. However, the study did not demonstrate evident influence on actually received score for assignments in the Russian language. The group of regular students have demonstrated the best correlation between their level of anxiety and how well they did on their exam. In this group students with the average level of anxiety showed the best results while studenst with the high and low levels of anxiety were less successfu. The author explains it by the fact that students with the low level of anxiety were not motivated and did not beileve in themselves and their success while students with the high level of anxiety tried to do their best, they kept checking the answers and could not hand in their papers in time. Therefore, the author recommends to try and decrease the level of anxiety if it is too high and to increase the level of anxiety if it is too low.

Keywords: Unified State Exam, anxiety of a graduate, anxiety before exam, anxiety, true emotions, emotions, psychology, exams, school success, final score
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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