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Concepts of the Physical Beauty in Modern Culture

Pogontseva Dar'ya Viktorovna

PhD in Psychology

associate professor of the Department of Social Psychology at Southern Federal University

344002, Russia, Rostovskaya oblast', g. Rostov-Na-Donu, ul. Turgenevskaya, 40, kv. 13

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Abstract: Modern idea of beauty enough not steadily also is under continuous change therefore an object of research is the analysis of representations of women about a beautiful body of the woman. Female selection is caused by an orientation of the modern industry of beauty on female audience, and object of an assessment is the woman, since modern social psychology, being engaged in studying of social ideas of women (policy, the businessman, the teacher, the doctor), analyzing social ideas of mission of women and men in society more pays attention to object of representations – the woman and, to a lesser extent, focuses attention on research of women as subjects of ideas of the woman. This foreshortening of studying of "a female view" of the woman is of particular importance in connection with research of ideas of female beauty or the beautiful woman. In work the first part to the author's questionnaire "An assessment of compliance of physical parameters of appearance, personal features and characteristics of the social and psychological status to idea of the beautiful woman" which is directed on studying "estimates of compliance of physical parameters of appearance to idea of the beautiful woman" was used. During the analysis of the received results, by us it was revealed that the beautiful woman is described as the woman of average height from 158 to 175 centimeters, weighing from 48 to 64 kilograms. In article conclusions that in ideas of the beautiful woman, from the point of view of her growth weight, most often there are above listed characteristics (average height, "not the thin - not full", a proportional figure, harmonous) also are drawn. It is possible to assume also that participants of research relied on own idea of a figure that could have impact on formation of representations that there is "a thin body" and that there is "a full body", also it can be caused by that estimating both growth and weight of the woman slightly increased range completely, meaning that "the beautiful woman can be different". 

Keywords: body, beauty, concept, woman, beautiful woman, leanness, weight, body mass index, culture, mass media
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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