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Social-Psychological Peculiarities of the Image of the Leader as It is Perceived by Students

Bazhdanova Yuliya Viktorovna

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Psychology at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

117997, Russia, g. Moscow, per. Stremyannoi, 36, of. 358




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Abstract: In her article Bazhdanova analyzes the phenomenon of leadership over several decades as studied by both Russian and foreign scientists. She substantiates the specificity of this phenomenon. The author analyzes approaches to studying leadership, these include structural, behavioral, and situational analysis. She gives a comprehensive review of the RM-theory of effective leadership and substantiates a three-factor leadership model as well as  analyzes the practical significance of academic findings on the matter. The aim of the research is to identify the content and structure of the image of a real and ideal leader in the views of students. The subject of the researc is the content and structure of the image of the ideal and the real leader in the views of students. To write this article the author has analyzed achievements in the theory and practice of leadership. The research methods used by the author includes the following: correspondence survey of respondents, questioning, comparative analysis of data, statistical analysis of research results. The phenomenon of leadership is considered inextricably with the history and principles of development of the organization. A new look is given on the content, functions and significance of leadership. The results of the analysis can be applied both in solving practical problems from the point of view of a group, organization, process of effective leadership for the successful existence of an enterprise, and from the perspective of an individual who wants to become or show himself as a leader. The obtained data can be used in organizations when working with staff, in cases where a deeper knowledge of values and ideas about the motives of candidates for the workplace are required.

Keywords: styles of leadership, traits, the approaches, image, the phenomenon, leadership theory, leadership, leader, leadership model, values
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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