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Psyhological Features of the Value of Health Demonstrated by Personalities with Different Level of Self-Actualization

Shmoilova Natal'ya Aleksandrovna

Head of the Rehabilitation and Archive Information Department at Head Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Altai Region

656031, Russia, Altaiskii krai, g. Barnaul, ul. Molodezhnaya, 59, kv. 5

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Kashirskii Dmitrii Valer'evich

Doctor of Psychology

Professor of the Department of Psychology at Altai State Pedagogical University

656031, Russia, Altaiskii krai, g. Barnaul, ul. Molodezhnaya, 55

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Abstract: The aim of this research is to describe special features of the value of health demonstrated by an individual with a particular level of self-actualization. The subject of the research is psychological features of the value of health demonstrated by personalities with different level of self-actualization. The rationale of the research is that there is a contradiction between the need to analyze the dependence between one's attitude to health and his or her level of self-actualization and immaturity of this problem in psychology. The authors offer a new term 'values-based attitude to health' and analyze the structure of one's value of health. The diagnostic set includes KVS-3 Value Test, SAT Self-Actualization Inventory, questionnaires 'Your Life Style', 'Self-Assessment of Health', and 'Health Awareness'. Statistical methods and models of data analysis include Spearman's correlation analysis, Fisher's variance analysis, Cronbach reliability test, and Pearson's χ2-criterion. The results of the research demonstrate that health is one of the priorities of a self-actualizing personality. People with a high level of self-actualization relate health to such phrases as physical well-being and external signs of good health (activity and sense of purpose). The researchers have also demonstrated that one's personal idea of health correlates to self-actualization level as a temporal characteristic. The results show that personalities who have achieved a high level of self-actualization have such features as a high level of activity aimed at preservation and improvement of health in actual life activity and commitment to healthy life-style. Self-actualizing personalities also have an coherent attitude to health as a value. Personalities with a low level of self-actualization more often view health as a source of intra-personal conflict. 

Keywords: the emotional component, behavioral component, cognitive component, structure of relations, levels of self-actualization, self-actualization of personality, the internal potential of the personality, the value of health, hierarchy of life values, health
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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