Статья 'Влияние пенсионного стресса на биопсихологический возраст в России и в Республике Казахстан: кросс-культурное исследование.' - журнал 'Психолог' - NotaBene.ru
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Influence of Retirement Stress on Biopsychological Age in Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan: Cross-Cultural Research

Berezina Tatiana Nikolaevna

Doctor of Psychology

professor of the Department of Scientific Basis of Extreme Psychology at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

123290, Russia, g. Moscow, nab. Shelepikhinskaya, 2a, aud. 508

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Stelmah Svetlana Alexandrovna

PhD in Psychology

Professor of the Department of Psychology and Special Needs Education at Eastern Kazakstan State University named after Sarsen Amanjolov

070004, Kazakhstan, g. Ust'-Kamenogorsk, ul. Kazakhstan,, 55

Dergacheva Evgenia Vladimirovna

PhD in Psychology

Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology and Special Needs Education at Eastern Kazakhstan State University N.A. Sarsen Amanjolov

070004, Kazakhstan, g. Ust'-Kamenogorsk, ul. Kazakhstan,, 55




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Abstract: The study aims to conduct a comparative analysis of the biopsychological aging dynamics among middle-aged men and women in Russia and Kazakhstan. The object of research is the citizens of Kazakhstan (206 people) and the Russian Federation (1303 people). The subject of research is the biopsychological aging dynamics in age groups from 30 years to 81 years and older. The research deals with two forms of retirement stress: a pre-retirement one as an expectancy of well-deserved rest and a post-retirement one as a shift to another social environment. The research investigates the influence of retirement stress on the biological and psychological age of a person. The authors apply a method for assessing biological age by Voitenko and a method of self-assessment of subjective psychological age by K. A. Abulkhanova. The study defines general tendencies of the biopsychological aging dynamics for two countries: its correspondence with chronological aging, the influence of retirement stress on biological aging of the population, rapid aging among men in relation to women, as well as the intention to enhance the psychological age by young people, but to minimize it by senior people. The research finds the differences between Russia and Kazakhstan. In Russia, retirement stress influences men and women equally, causing rapid biological aging among them, moreover, the study observes the disequilibrium of biological and psychological age among Russians. In Kazakhstan, women have the lowest level of retirement stress and do not have the disequilibrium of biological and psychological age. Men in Kazakhstan have adapted to the later retirement since the country performed a pension reform two decades ago; their biological resources raise, thus, they feel younger in pre-retirement age, but their aging increases rapidly after retirement. 

Keywords: personal development, cross-cultural research, pension reform, biological age, psychological age, old age, retirement stress, personality, Life path, relative aging
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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