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Psychological peculiarities of ethno-confessional identity of the Sakha – Yakuts

Sidorova Tuiaara Nikiforovna

Docent, the department of Psychology and Social Sciences, Ammosov North-Easter Federal University

677000, Russia, respublika Sakha (Yakutiya), g. Yakutsk, ul. Kulakovskogo, 42, of. 411




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Abstract: This article discusses the peculiarities of ethnic and religious identity of the Orthodox Sakha – Yakuts, as well as self-categorization within the system “familiar – alien”. The subject of this research is the peculiarities of self-categorization of the Orthodox Sakha – Yakuts. Leaning on theoretical analysis of the previous works, an assumption is made that as a criterial attribute at the core of self-categorization of the Orthodox Yakuts the ethnic identity would supersede the religious. The author examines the self-categorization processes among minorities, represented by the Orthodox Sakha – Yakuts , since they hold such position in their ethnic and confessional group. The article used the methodology of E. Bogardus in modification of L. G. Pochebut; peculiarities of social identity of the Orthodox Sakha – Yakuts were assessed using the test of Manfred Kuhn and Thomas McPartland “Who Am I?” Determination within the social representations of the Orthodox Yakuts of the system of objective differentiation criteria of “familiar – alien” was conducted on the basis of modified version of semantic differential and method of arbitrary associations. For determination of citerial structure of self-categorization was used factor analysis through extraction of key components. The main conclusion consists in the high index of ethnic tolerance among the Orthodox Sakha-Yakuts with regards to representatives of other ethnoses, their acceptance as the colleagues, and desire to establish business relationship. The respondents have augmented understanding of the concept “us”, demonstrating clear religious and ethnic identity. The author describes the categorial structure of self-categorization of the Orthodox Sakha – Yakuts comprised of the three factors: “quality of relationship with others”, “live activeness”, and “self-confidence”.

Keywords: self-awareness, criteria structure, identity, ethnic identity, self categorization, religious identity, social identity, own, alien, Orthodox
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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