Статья 'Исторический контекст комплекса менструации (дополнение к статье "Комплекс менструации в психоанализе" [5])' - журнал 'Психолог' - NotaBene.ru
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Historical Context of the Menstruation Complex (Addition to the Article 'The Menstruation Complex in Psychoanalysis')

Mordas Ekaterina Sergeevna

PhD in Psychology

Associate Professor at Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

121170, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Kutuzovskii Prospekt, d.34, str.14

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Abstract: As a marker and an indicator of female gender, menstruation still treated by both men and women rather controversially. Ancient people had many questions about that phenomenon and its origin and therefore made up different hypotheses about menstruation. Our ancestors believed that certain rituals and rites performed during menstruation helped a woman to avoid illness or danger. Others believed that mentruation had a healing effect and even tried to use to cure from diseases. 
A woman was both sacred and dangerous during her period. She was considered sacred because she was dangerous and vice versa. She was believed to have wicked forces but at the same time she was raised to a higher level in the social hierarchy. A peasant woman would become a lady, a lady would become a noble woman, a noble woman would become a queen and the queen would be associated with the Holy Mother. Generally speaking, menstruation related all women to the Holy Mother. 
Isolation of women during their period shows that they were distinguished from the rest of the humankind in this way or another. Their isolation was associated with the 'honorable' restrictions (etiquette and taboo) held by the governors and other persona sacrosancta.
The article deals with the issues of beliefs of ancient people, man's attitude to a woman having her menstruation period and folklore images related to it. The author also describes the primitive theories of the menstruation origin and other phenomena related to menstruation such as virginity taboo and fear of death. 

Keywords: menstruation, complex, fear, attraction, taboo, rites, sexuality, hostility, ambivalency
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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