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Human in the World or the World in Human

Polishchuk Viktor Ivanovich

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor of the Department of Philology and Cultural Research at Ishim State Pedagogical University N.A. Ershov.

627750, Russia, Tyumenskaya oblast', g. Ishim, ul. Lenina, 1

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Abstract: The author shares his opinion on different solutions of the problem of the place of human in history of culture. The problem is formed by the author as the question about what makes us human. The author gives the three answers to this question: human becomes human only when he rises above primitive affections or tries to understand the surrounding world or himself. The second and the third solutions are quite similar though because they are related to human existence and being. 

Keywords: psychology, human, world, culture, mind, formation, spirit, truth, logic of culture, creativity
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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