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World Politics

Crisis in Ukraine: geopolitical and geostrategical aspects.

Gusher Anatolii Ivanovich

Director General of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization "Center for Strategic Development"

119146, Russia, Moskva, ul. 3 Frunzenskaya, 12.

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Abstract: It has been a long time since such an acute military and political situation with long-standing consequences as the current situation in Ukraine and around it took place in the world.  Yet another political crisis in Ukraine which took place in November 2013 continued as three months of tough opposition between the government and its opponents, and it was finished on February 22, 2014, with an armed insurrection was implemented and the government was taken over by the group of Yatsenyuk-Klichko-Tyagniboka representing the interests of the pro-Western Ukrainian nationalists and the fascist and extremist Banderovite groups. It took place the next day after President Yanukovych and the above-mentioned leaders of the opposing parties "Batkivschina", "Udar" and "Soboda" in the presence of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Poland, France and representative of Russia has signed the treaty on the conditions and procedure of crisis regulation. All of the Ukrainian government system fell under the pressure of opposition, Banderovite groups and the crowds of people intoxicated by the anti-Russian propaganda. President  Yanukovych, who did not show either the government power or the personal bravery secretly left the country just before these events and he hid in the territory of the Russian Federation.  Maybe for all of the people caring for the destiny of the Ukrainian people it was the moment of truth, and it showed the rotten and ugly situation in the Ukrainian politics and the lack of perspective in the efforts of Russia on honest and businesslike interactions and cooperation with the current Ukrainian political elite.

Keywords: international relations, foreign policy, Russia, geopolitics, political instability, diplomacy, state, Ukraine, security, conflict
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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