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World Politics

Countermeasures against the spread of color revolution ideology among the young people.

Manoilo Andrei Viktorovich

Doctor of Politics

Professor, the department of Russian Politics at the faculty of Political Science, Moscow State University

199992, Russia, Moscow, Lomonosovsky Prospekt 27, building #4, office #G-638

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Abstract: The issue of organizing countermeasures against the spread of the color revolution ideology among the University students is very topical nowadays. The student environment is mostly non-political, but it is very flexible. It easily supports any slogans, which allow the students to differ from their peers. The goal of activities in the student environment is boosting self-esteem, bringing variety into lives of students, dealing with boredom and looking for vivid impressions. Often this need of the young people in self-esteem is manifested through the denial of the existing norms and standards, including the fundamentals of the state structure. That is why the students are so eager to join any protest movements, which allow them to do so, treat any new member individually and provide them an active role in their work.  The methodology of the article is based upon systemic and comparative approaches, methods of analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction, observation, modelling.  All of the above differs from the pro-government youth movements, many of which are organized like neo-sects or military barracks, looking like "gray matter" going where they are sent.  Becoming a member of such an organization the student loses his freedom, and he gets a personal commander, whom he has to obey without any questions asked.

Keywords: international relations, foreign policy, Arab revolution, color revolution, controlled chaos, Ukraine, youth movement, conflict, security, youth organizations
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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