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World Politics

Face and nature of the Ukrainian fascism.

Bondarchuk Aleksandr

PhD in Psychology

political psychologist, OOO "Pravozaschitnyi tstentr"

Ukraine, Kyiv




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Abstract: The author of this article recently visited the assembly of the "Svoboda" party, where Oleg Tyagnibok was moved for Presidency in Ukraine. The article expresses his opinion as a citizen and a professional psychologist.  There are many young people among the delegates, including the members of the new Kyiv Government and several governors assigned via the quota of the Svoboda party. There are people no older than 30 judging by their looks among the governors.  All of them have no administrative experience, except for managing sotnyas at the Maidan. It is not known how such inexperienced cadres shall manage state administration. The association has started, and usually the organizational issues are dealt with at this stage. And even at the initial stage there were things, which shocked, worried, amazed and scared the author as an independent observer.  The methodology of the article is based upon the systemic and structural-functional approach, methods of analysis, synthesis, observation, construction, induction, deduction and dialectics.  The ideology of the Right-wing ultra-nationalism (de facto Fascism) is forced into Ukraine by someone's skilled hands. This is a political technology is aimed for development of the mutual fear among the Russian and Ukrainian people, "demonizing" and forming the image of the Russian and Ukrainian enemies serving the interests of the American expansionism in order to escalate the enmity among our peoples in order for Ukraine to fight Russia "till the last Ukrainian person". The danger of Fascism in the Ukrainian society is real. However, there is a counter-potential, and it is not limited just to South-Eastern regions.

Keywords: international relations, politics, Ukraine, Ukrainian fascism, extremism, nationalism, Euromaidan, conflict, color revolution, security
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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