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World Politics

The Rise and Fall of Marco Rubio as a result of the first phase of the 2016 U.S. election campaign

Dobrokhotov Leonid Nikolaevich

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor at the Faculty of Sociology of Lomonosov Moscow State University

119992, Russia, Moscow, ul. Lomonosovskii Prospekt, 27




Review date:


Publish date:


Abstract: Based on the detailed analyses of the U.S. media reports, the author shows the political profile of the U.S Senator Marco Rubio, one of the leading Republican Party candidates for the next American presidency in the 2016 election. The author gives Rubio’s political biography and studies his possible connections with mafia formations and corporations during the U.S. Senate election campaign as the state of Florida candidate, and his five-year stay at the Senate. Based on the trustworthy sources, the author states that Rubio's work hadn't been remarkable for any practical results, and didn't bring any benefits to the state of Florida. The research methodology is based on the system, structural-functional and comparative-political approaches, the methods of anaysis, synthesis, induction, deduction and observation. The article studies the history of Rubio’s failure in the presidential campaign, during which he, despite his young age, handsome appearance and declamatory skills, had shown himself a weak, dependent on the political technologies politician, who didn’t manage to withstand a siege with such a political heavyweight as Donald Trump and the Senator from Texas, the same as Rubio Cuban American, Ted Cruz. The author comes to the conclusion that the emergence of such politicians as Marco Rubio on the political arena as the leading presidential candidates speaks for a serious degradation of intellect and will of the U.S. ruling elite. 

Keywords: interests, political regime, international relations, corruption in the US, world politics, corruption, political system, state, security, USA
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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