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World Politics

Problems of forming a domestic political image of the EU in the context of a crisis

Hauer-Tyukarkina Ol'ga

PhD in Politics

Lecturer at the Faculty of Political Science, The Lomonosov Moscow State Univesity

119991, Russia, Moscow, ul. Lomonosovskii pr-T, 27 k 4

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Abstract: The research subject is the domestic political image of the EU. the author considers such aspects of the topic as the problems of forming a political actor’s image in the context of a system crisis destabilizing the reputation capital of the EU and worsening the organization’s political image. Special attention is given to analyzing the key functional values of the EU, formulating specific image messages for each of the established domestic targeted audience, and defining the mission of the EU’s domestic political image aimed at improving the compatibility of the EU suffering one of the hardest periods since the creation of a unified Europe project. The author uses the system analysis which considers the image of a political actor as a system with its components, links between the components and the outside influencing the forming image. The author analyzes empirical materials (official data of the Eurobarometer census study), which help to form objective understanding of the current state of the EU’s domestic political image. The scientific novelty of the study consists in detecting the key problems of the current domestic political image of the EU and in defining the particular direction of transformation of the EU’s domestic political image in the context of existential crisis. The author formulates a particular domestic political mission of the EU based on the factor of “care” which  becomes an umbrella image message of the actor: “The EU cares about its citizens”.

Keywords: domestic political image, the image message, the mission of the EU, image policy, image, crisis, the EU, political image, political values, soft power
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Khauer-Tyukarkina O. Sovremennaya imidzhevaya politika Evropeiskogo soyuza. M., 2015. S. 43.
Standard Eurobarometer 81. Spring 2014. Public Opinion in the European Union. [Elektronnyi resurs] Rezhim dostupa: http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/archives/eb/eb81/eb81_first_en.pdf Data obrashcheniya: 12.09.2016.
Standard Eurobarometer 83. Spring 2015. Public Opinion in the European Union. [Elektronnyi resurs] Rezhim dostupa: http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/archives/eb/eb83/eb83_first_en.pdf. Data obrashcheniya: 12.09.2016.
Europeans and the European Union. Results on Focus Groups in Selected Member States. Eurobarometer Qualitative Study, June 2014.
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