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World Politics

Formation of global world and transition to a sustainable future

Ursul Arkadii Dmitrievich

Doctor of Philosophy

Head of the Center, Scholar at theof the Academy of Sciences of Moldova; Professor, Moscow State Univeristy

119991, Russia, Moscow, Leninskie Gory 1, building #51

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Abstract: The article shows that the formation of global world to a significant extent depends on solving global problems and reducing negative impacts of globalization during the transition to sustainable development (SD). Global process of transition to sustainable development is understood not only as a new form and strategy of development of mankind, which gives equal opportunities to present and future generations to satisfy their requirements, but also as a new, co-evolutional, way of interaction of society and nature, accompanied by the formation of global world. Sustainable development is considered in the context of solving priority global problems, not merely the ecological problem. To develop the issue, the author uses such general scientific research methods as the system-global, socio-natural, integrative-interdisciplinary and evolutionary-historical approaches, the methods of futures studies, especially the futurology approach and sustainable development prognostication. The author focuses on the fact that globalization and global problems are to a considerable degree determined by socio-natural factors: features of the planet and limits of the planet as a space body and the need to fundamentally change the traditional forms and ways of people’s life and their interaction with nature. The author studies the formation of global world in the context of solving the key socio-natural contradiction between the growing needs of mankind and impossibility to meet these needs without quick degradation of the biosphere. The author emphasizes that in the context of multiplication of global challenges and threats, it is necessary to move from eradication of emergency and other negative consequences of natural disasters and anthropogenic activity to prevention and preventive measures consisting in further movement to global sustainability. 

Keywords: global world, global sustainablity, global processes, global problems, globalistics, globalization processes, survival of civilization, biosphere, socio-natural contradiction, sustainable development
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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