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Politics and Society

“Peace-War” opposition as a phenomenon of hybrid political reality

Shamakhov Vladimir Aleksandrovich

Director, North-West Institute of Management – branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation

199178, Russia, Saint Petersburg oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Srednii Prospekt, V.o., 57/43

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Kovalev Andrei Andreevich

PhD in Politics

Associate Professor at the North-West Institute of Management, branch of RANEPA

199178, Russia, Sankt-Peterburg oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Srednii Prospekt, V.o., 57/43

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Abstract: The goal of this research is the problem of hybridism on the example of “peace-war” opposition and its dualistic nature reflected in the works of the prominent scholar of the past and modernity. This goal is specified by the following tasks: 1) to determine hybridism in its political aspect and connection with governance and civilized identity; 2) to examine the hybrid concepts of war in the fundamental for social philosophy and political science texts; 3) to consider the hybrid concepts of the world in classical works of the military theoreticians; 4) to study the problem of the dynamics of military conflicts and their renewal. The “peace” and “war” are the closely related, transitioning into one another phenomena of political reality of hybrid nature. The thinkers of the past and modernity came to the valid and still relevant conclusions on the nature of war, same as the military theoreticians left behind multiple valuable observations on the nature of peaceful existence. In the era of civilizational antagonism and possible civilizational conflicts, the border between the state of peace and war becomes vague, including as a result of escalation of the unresolved in the past geopolitical and sociocultural problems.

Keywords: civilizational conflict, security, global security, the confrontation of civilizations, political reality, hybridism, war, peace, political science, globalization
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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