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World Politics

On the issue of the regional refugee regime in South Asia

Kontcova Elizaveta

Postgraduate at the Department of World Politics of St Petersburg University

191060, Russia, Leningradskaya oblast', g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Smol'nogo, 1/3




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Abstract: The author considers the topical problems of the regional refugee regime in South Asia. the research subject is forced migration in the South Asia region. The research object is the problem of refugee questions settlement in the regional dimension. The author studies such aspects of the issue as the key mechanisms of the refugee problem regulation in South Asia including bilateral agreements, the activities of international and regional governmental and nongovernmental organizations. Special attention is given to the problem of forming an effective regional mechanism of the forced migration issues solving in South Asia. The research methodology is based on the comprehensive interdisciplinary approach to studying the issue. The author also uses the methods of scientific generalization, logical and system analysis. The author concludes that the regional approach to solving the refugee problem is not efficient, since the regional countries prefer not to take responsibility for the performance of the agreements of a larger scale. The problem settlement mechanism is focused on flexible bilateral agreements. The author’s contribution to the study of the issue is the analysis of the measures taken by the organizations with the purpose to eliminate the problems of forced migration in the region. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the fact that the author is the first to study the problem of regional refugee regime in South Asia base on the complex analysis, comparison and generalization of a wide range of sources.

Keywords: Bangkok principles, AAICO, UNHCR, refugees' regional regime, South Asia, forced migration, Refugees, bihari people, chakma people, Afghan refugees
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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