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World Politics

Amnesty International’s role in the global governance system: the past and the present

Naumov Alexander

PhD in History

Associate Professor at Moscow State University, Department of International Organizations and Problems of Global Governance

119192, Russia, g. Moscow, Lomonosovskii pr., 27/4, of. A817

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Abstract: The article’s research object is the international non-governmental human rights organization Amnesty International. The research subject is the NGO’s activity since its establishment in 1962 till 2019. The author delves into such aspects of the topic as the history of creation of Amnesty International, its activities during the Cold War, the evolution of its approaches to the main problems in the field of human rights protection during the post-bipolar period, and analyzes the modern campaigns of this global NGO. The research methodology is based on the systems, structural-functional and comparative-political approaches, the methods of historicism, analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, and observation. The given research is the first in Russian historiography to analyze, based on primary sources and academic works, the role of Amnesty International within the global governance system from its creation to the present day. The author concludes that, despite its controversial character, this NGO has played and is still playing an important role in the world policy. 

Keywords: Death penalty, Human rights activity, Human rights, Amnesty International, World politics, Global governance, Non-state actors, International NGOs, Refugees, Migrants
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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