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World Politics

Postcolonial Africa: problems and prospects

Emelianenko Ekaterina Garevna

Independent Researcher

194044, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, per. Sakharnyi, 2/35, kv. 25




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Abstract: The article considers the problems of transition of African states to the south of Sahara from the position of the “hopeless continent” to the economic rise and raises the questions of conformity with these changes. The author gives special attention to the consequences of decolonization, the functioning of modern political institutions, the actions of the elite, the migration issues, labor discrimination of African migrants in Europe, and the aftereffect of economic presence of China in African countries. The author draws attention to the fact that the so-called raise had already been experienced by the Africal continent. Since the acquisition of independence, many texts have been published including scientific articles, describing Africa “on the rise”. However, in unfavorable conditions resulting from the policies of colonial powers, African states can’t overcome the lingering crisis due to internal reasons. Political elites are pursuing their policies for the convenience of former colonial powers rather than of their own state. The author’s personal attendance at the economic forum within the Russia-Africa summit helped collect unique materials and expert opinions of political and public leaders of African States about topical problems. The author analyzes the consequences of decolonization and the activities of modern “partners” and concludes that, in a time of resource shortage experienced by many countries, African states to the South of Sahara will face even more serious economic, ecological and social problems. Based on its past, Africa should find its own development path and protect its own interests and values. During the development of state and national strategies, a special role should be given to the issues of education, as it is the basis for the formation of human values and worldview for the future. 

Keywords: Africa rising, Political elite, Labor discrimination, Summit Russia Africa, Political regimes, Corruption, Forced migration, Développement of Africa, Decolonization, African continent
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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