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World Politics

Abraham Lincoln and the second American revolution.

Raikhlin Ernst Il'ich

Doctor of Economics


Ernest Raiklin163 Moore Hill RoadGrahamsville, New York 12740-5611

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Abstract: The article is divided into three parts: social and political situation, which caused the Civil War; personality and biography of Abraham Lincoln, and, finally, evaluation of the role of Lincoln in the second American revolution.  The end of the war for the independence did not introduce changes into the development of either the North or the South, each of the parts of the new state continued its development according to the path, which was predefined by its geographical, climatic, demographic, and cultural situation.  The goal of the article was to find out how viable was the statement, that Abraham Lincoln played a prominent role in the development of the USA. There are usually two arguments in favor of this statement. According to the first one, role of Lincoln was purely positive. That is, if not for Lincoln and his participation in the Civil War,  the state would be split in two, slavery would remain in the South, and the USA would have never become what it is now. According to the second position, Lincoln played a purely negative role in the US history, since the Civil War was forced upon Lincoln by the South, and the war with all of its personal, material and financial losses was not necessary, the institution of slavery was dying out in the Southern states, which bordered the North, and the industrial revolution in the South made slavery outdates and non-economical anyway, so these processes would naturally preserve the Union and a united democratic nation.

Keywords: international relations, foreign policy, the USA, political history, Washington, diplomacy, state, interests, security, values
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Manoilo A.V. SShA: tekhnologii psikhologicheskogo vozdeistviya na mezhdunarodnye konflikty. // Vestnik Mosk. Un-ta. Ser. 12. Politologiya. 2011. №4. S. 21-28
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