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Contents of Issue № 02/2019
Philosophy and psychology
Skleynis V.A. - Archetype Meanings of Conceptual Structure Dynamics pp. 1-8


Abstract:   The matter under research is intrapersonal and interpersonal semantic structures relevant to the definition of archetype. The author carries out comparative analysis of archetype models described in psychology, cultural studies and philosophy as well as models of meanings used in the psychology of subjective semantics and psychology of meaning. When describing intrapersonal archetype structures, the author compares the image of the world model offered by P. Serkin and the archetypic personality space concept given by Yu. Perevozkina. According to the author, the level of non-differentiated consciousness corresponds to the nuclear layer of the image of the world, mythological space corresponds to the semantic layer, information space corresponds to the perception layer. The objective of this research is to construct the model of archetype strucure dynamics viewed as a type of system of meanings with different levels of presentations in the form of intrapersonal and interpersonal structures. Cultural presentations of archetype is viewed by the author as transformed forms of intrapersonal stuctures. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author analyzes aspects and functions of archetype such as archetype as the basic tendency, symbolic presentation of the basic tendency, and as a component of intrapersonal and interpersonal architectonics. The author offers a scheme of interaction of archetype structures understood as forms of conceptual constructs. Archetype constructs are viewed as many-level semantic structures in the process of dynamic interaction. Interaction patterns of such archetype structures obey the laws of non-linear dynamics which is an instance of dynamics of intra- and inerpersonal dynamics of conceptual structures. 
The range of emotional experience
Kryuchkov K.S. - Romantic Separation Experience as the Matter of Phenomenological Analysis pp. 9-27


Abstract: The aim of this research is to analyze experience of separation with a lover. The matter under research is the romantic separation experience as it has been described by different authors. The bases of the research is the methodology of qualitative research. Taking into account that the objective of the research is to analyze the phenomenon of such experience, qualitative analysis has been chosen by the author as the most suitable research method. The novelty of this research is caused, first of all, by the fact that this is the first full empirical research of separation experience in Russian psychology. Secondly, the research provides a vast description and analysis of separation experience which allows to get a full insight into the phenomenon. The main result of the research is the general description of romantic separation experience as it is described in literature, on the other hand, and in actual experience of respondents, on the other hand. The researcher has discovered and described particular features of the process of romantic separation experience, in particular, dependence of the intensity of emotions on who initiated the separation. The researcher discovers particular feelings and emotions that comprise this experience. The researcher has also discovered the 'mind-feeling-body' conflict that creates prospects for further researches. 
Professional psychology
Voroncova J. - Conceptual and Empirical Ideas on Attention and Functional States of Drivers pp. 28-36


Abstract: In her research Vorontsova provides analysis of fundamental and modern Russian and foreign approaches to the phenomenon of attention and mental states and their interdependence. The matter under research is psychological determinants of road accident risk. The focus of the research is on conceptual, theoretical, interdisciplinary approaches to studying psychological determinants of high road accident risk as a result of changes in the mental state and attention. The author examines such aspects of the topic as mental states, in particular, unbalance. She pays special attention to the interdependence between mental states and psychic processes, particularly, attention, the latter being one of the most important professional qualities for safe driving. Vorontsova specifies issues covered by modern researches of attention and mental states of drivers as well as attitude of researchers to the predicted level of road safety. The main methodological principle of the research includes the principle of systematicity, determinism and development. The main conclusion of the research is that there are certain gaps in conceptual and empirical concepts that describe the relationship between mental states and attention. The author's contributon to the topic is a full analysis of Russian and foreign researches on the matter as well as a focus on systemtic psychological factors that ensure safe driving as well as areas for further research and analysis.
Savinkov S.N., Koval' N.A. - Concept of Personal Reliability of EMERCOM of Russia Officials pp. 37-45


Abstract:   The article is devoted to the analysis of ideas about personal reliability demonstrated by EMERCOM of Russia official. The researchers describe the importance of the problem, objective and methods of the research. The results of the research are of high practical importance. As a conclusion of the research, the author underlines the need to define personal reliability of EMERCOM officials. In the course of their research, the authors discover peculiarities of EMERCOM officials' ideas of what personal reliability means. The difference between groups of respondents participating in the research is that 20-30 year old officials base their idea of personal reliability on themselves while 30-45 year old officials care more about personal reliability of others. The research involved 40 officials of EMERCOM of Russia aged 20- 45 years. The main research method is the author's modified version of Sack's Sentence Completion Test. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author describes views and ideas of EMERCOM officials on personal reliability. The results of the research underline the importance of such research for psychologists who work as security agencies. The results of the research can be used in practical sessions with EMERCOM officials and personnel of EMERCOM divisions as well as diagnostics and psychological counselling performed by EMERCOM psychologists. 
Clinical psychology
Kadyrov R.V., Kapustina T.V., Gorokhova Y.O. - Attitude to Life and Future Demonstrated by Children and Teenagers Suffering from Onco-Hematological Diseases pp. 46-55


Abstract: The matter under research is attitude to life and future demonstrated by children suffering from onco-hematological diseases, serious chronic illness that changes life views and attitudes. The results of the research are of great importance for understanding the teenager age when basic beliefs, values and world views, attitudes to life and future develop which creates the basis for personality identification and influences future life-important choices of young men and women. For the empirical research the authors have used such methods as tests, questionnaires and projective method. Statistical data processing was performed using the non-parametric Mann-Whitney U-test and Fisher test. The scientific novelty of the research is obvious because the majority of researches involve adults or explain psychological peculiarities of rehabilitation of such patients. The results of the research demonstrate that younger school children with onco-hematological diseases have a better idea of their life goals wile their attitude to past life events is more negative and full of anxiety. Teenagers with ongo-hematological diseases have a life attitude that is based on their personal life experience. Their attitude to future has little sence, no clear goals and full of anxiety and negative emotions. Their priority life values are spiritual values as well as communication and acceptance from others. 
Developmental psychology
Chernov D.N. - Methodological Grounds for Building the Model of Sociocultural Сonditions of Child's Linguistic Competence in Ontogenesis pp. 56-70


Abstract: The matter under research is the theoretical model of sociocultural conditions of child's linguistic competence development in ontogenesis. The author of the article raises a question about the need to analyze the variety of factors that influence the development of child's speech and language and describe the conditions that are systemically important and created by biosociocultural factors. In particular, the author focuses on the social determination of the language development and offers relevant solutions using the collective subject concept offered by S. Rubinshtein and A. Zhuravlev. The author demonstrates that successful solution of the social determination issue is possible if the research is focused on the analysis of the language competence concept (as it was described by E. Bozhovich). In his research Chernov carries out meta-analysis of previous theoretical and empirical researches that outline approaches to solution of the aforesaid issue. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author views the problem from the point of view of general theoretical approaches and modern discoveries in such disciplines as psychogenetics, psychological of individual and group differences, social psychology, and psychological pedagogical practice of teaching language. The author's special contribution to the topic is that he suggests to view child's significant others (adults and children of his age) as the core condition of developing language competence. Chernov provides a description of the 'parent-child' relationship and its role in the development of child's language competence as well as describes methodological grounds for development of efficient 'teacher-school student' relationship. The research is substantiated with valid empirical data. 
Rudakova E.N. - Psychological Diagnosis of Prevailing Activity Motivation of Modern Teachers pp. 71-77


Abstract: The author analyzes the process of diagnosis of procedural personality motivation (paratelic as defined by M. Apter in 1987) and resulting activity motivation (telic). The analysis of prevailing motivation is of great importance considering that motivation structure is the leading activity determinant and there is a certain need in getting a better insight into personal motivation of modern teachers as representatives of the socionomic type profession. Russian and foreign psychologists do not only analyze psychological orientation on the process or result but also admit that there are intermediate states and their reverse nature. To define capabilities of O. Potemkina's test of psychosocial personality attitudes and motivation inventory and I. Kokurina's Dictionary Test that defines prevailing  motivation, the author of the article carried out research that involved 164 school teachers with different work experience record who lived and worked in the Republic of Buryatia. As a result of the research, the author discovers correlation of related indicators of motivation and activity process (at the level of r=0.138 at р≤0.1). Procedural and resulting motivation coincided in 46% of cases. The author assumes that the difference in evaluation of activity motivation is conditioned by specific features of Dictionary Test and concludes that each test has great capacities and can be efficiently used to measure resulting and procedural motivation. These tests can be used both individually and collectively to study motivation and behavior modern teachers. The researcher also suggests that contradictions discovered can be eliminated by carrying out Cattel's test as an additional test method allowing to analyze personal inclinations and traits. 
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