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Foreign authors must send articles to

Please pay attention that you need to send two signed copies of the copyright agreement to the postal address of the Publishing Office before publishing your article. If you do not send us the signed copyright agreement, your article will not be published even if the editors make a positive decision about your article.

You need to complete two steps in order to add your article. At first the author enters only the basic data about the article: title and abstract, and select the journal. You will need to enter all the required data right away so please read the requirements for article abstracts in advance.

During the second step you will need to enter the complete data about your article so that your article can be published. This step may take from a few minutes to several months. You will be able to submit your article for consideration by the journal editors only after you enter all the required data.

We will also need detailed information about your co-authors. Please make sure you enter the right data and confirm this data before you submit your article for consideration. Misprints in the name of your university, for instance, can be very disappointing. After your article is published, you can change the article data only on a fee-paid basis. Please pay attention that you can add your photo as well as your co-author’s photo when you register and add your co-authors. The article with a photo looks much better. If you did not download your photo when you registered, you can add it later. Just select the Edit Personal Data option in the Author Service area.

Your article data also includes keywords. Each keyword is entered in a single field. Please pay attention that according to the editors’ office requirements, you can enter only 1, 2 or 3 words in each field. You cannot enter 4 or more words.

When you create your list of references, please follow these standards:

GOST 7.1-2003. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules for creating a reference.

GOST 7.0.5-2008 Bibliographic reference. General requirements and rules for creating a reference.

You can specify only one page range in your reference. If an author makes a mistake in a list of references, the article can be rejected or returned to the author. Please do not wait for this to happen and do not create problems for you and your editor. Just make sure your list of references is created in a proper way.

Please use square brackets to make a reference to the cited literature in the text of the article, for instance [1]. You can also add the number of the page, for instance, [1, p. 57], or make a reference to a group of literary sources, for instance [1, 3], [5-7]. Page-by-page references and footnotes are not allowed. If you want to add a footnote without a reference, for instance, to provide a definition or explain a term, please add your note to the text of the article.

Research paper usually consists of several sections (paragraphs or parts). Your abstract, keywords and a list of references are added to your article automatically based on your previously entered data. Other parts of the article (introduction, conclusion, review, theoretical part, experimental part and etc) are added one by one. Each part is added in a single field.

Authors usually compose their articles in Microsoft Word. Use the clipboard to paste a paragraph in the Author Service area. You can read tips on how to do it and how to add images or complicated formulas on the Add Paragraph page.

Please read the examples of properly written articles: example 1, example 2. You can also preview your article before you submit it. Please make sure that your article looks nice and properly composed. Editors do not make any changes in the article. 

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